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Payday the heist hoxton biography

payday the heist hoxton biography
Dallas's sketch in the FBI Files. Scarface's signature weapons are the Little Friend 7. Released on October 27th, , the Hoxton Breakout heist sees the return of the Englishman as the crew intercepts a prison guard escort and freeing their former accomplice.

payday the heist hoxton biography

Breaking into an FBI headquarters, he and his old crew resolves to find out who this treacherous individual is and plans his revenge. Prior to discovering the traitor's identity, he was contacted by Bonnie whom he has met before. Bonnie was recently released from prison and claims that she has bits of information on the rat which she will give in exchange for her membership to the Payday gang.

Hoxton, desperate to find this rat, accepts Bonnie into the gang and assures the crew on her intentions. While he couldn't identify the Rat, he however managed to discover his hiding spot; a fancy house under heavy protection of the FBI. Hoxton finally extracted his revenge upon the Rat during the events of Hoxton's Revenge.

payday the heist hoxton biography

However, the crew was shocked upon learning the Rat's identity Pete Gold has also returned to provide the voice of his original character and the new name, Houston, was given to the new character as to avoid confusions.

The Heist 's Hoxton, both masked and unmasked. Hoxton as he appears in-game in PDTH. Hoxton as portrayed by actor Josh Lenn in the Breakout trailer.

Hoxton in the Breakout splash card.

payday the heist hoxton biography

Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? We are sure he will be very difficult to apprehend again. His signature weapons are the Valkyria and the Hockey Stick that he likely used during his time as an athlete.

Hoxton Breakout Heist

His signature weapons are the Platypus 70 and the Utility Knife. He was introduced to the game in his eponymous character pack as a cross promotion for the release of the movie, Hardcore Henry. She was introduced to the game in the Sydney Character Pack. Through the help of the ElephantRust was inducted into the crew by Bain for reasons not yet explained. His signature weapons are the Breaker 12G shotgun and the Chain Whip. Scarface is a Cuban Kingpin and former capo of his own drug cartel who joined the Payday Gang in exchange for their help in his plot for vengeance.

Scarface's signature weapons are the Little Friend 7.

payday the heist hoxton biography

Sangres is a dangerous man. He spent many years working as an enforcer and assassin for a drug cartel in Monterrey, Mexico. Then one day he decided to defect and crossed the border to the US, looking to make the big bucks.

payday the heist hoxton biography

Gage introduced him to the Payday Gang. He's as skilled as he is ruthless and with those revolvers he can really light things up. Released in CrimeFest was the ability for players to select up to four of their most favourite characters to play as during a mission. The player will automatically assume the role of the first character in a lobby if possible, but if that one's already chosen by someone else, then the selection will default to the second preferred heister, and so on.

Players can only choose the base-game heisters unless they are either in the PAYDAY 2 community group or own any character packs.

Old Hoxton

Before this feature was revamped, one could only have a single preferred character. If the selected heister has been taken, one would be randomly assigned to that player, allowing them to play as DLC-specific characters without ownership of their content packs. Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. Dallas Dallas Dallasa. Chains Chains Chainsa. In the web series, he was the bank manager of the First World Bank, which allowed the crew to rob with his inside help. In the Dentist trailer, he claims to be in "financial transfers".

Whether or not this is a euphemism for his career as a bank robber or he is a real, professional financial consultant, remains to be seen. Although given he managed to attain the position of manager in a major bank, which would require him to know a lot about financing; Dallas may in-fact, be a legitimate consultant.

The Payday Gang

The Heist 's Dallas, masked and unmasked. Dallas unmasked photo used in the mask icons in PD: Dallas as seen in-game. Ditto- taken from Karl's steam profile. Dallas sketch from the FBI Files. Payday 2 Default Dallas' mega mask. Games Movies TV Wikis.

payday the heist hoxton biography

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