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Biodata jung kyung ho biography

biodata jung kyung ho biography
A mean-spirited man has a literal change of heart after he receives a transplant and takes on a completely different personality. Drama garapan penulis 'Reply' ini merilis teaser poster yang menampilkan karakter utamanya. You deserve the best actor.

Choung Kyung Ho Profession: I admire your acting, as well as your love story in the drama, Smile, You. It was very entertaining. Chal ji naesso yo? No mupo goshi posso yo! I love you so much. An nyeong hi gase yo. I love the character of Jung Kyung-ho. It is so natural. I enjoy watching every scene of his in the drama Smile, You. Specially when they pretended quarreling with Lee Min-jung.

biodata jung kyung ho biography

Oppa, I am hoping more success in your upcoming dramas. Inhe starred in One More Happy Ending[29] a drama focusing on a former idol singer looking for love after her divorce and the tabloid reporter and single father of a year-old son who finds himself falling for her charms.

biodata jung kyung ho biography

The light, romantic comedy and well-acted roles of such a well-known and respected cast including Hallyu stars like Jang NaraKwon Yul and Yoo In Na and has gained a lot of attention from both critics and fans alike.

In one episode of the show American television personality Conan O'Brien made an appearance on the show as a man who instantly falls in love at first sight with the main female lead. Several mega-stars from Korea have also made cameo appearances, including Sandara Park showing the full popularity of this television drama.

On November 10,it was confirmed that Jung will star in the television drama Missing Nine. Jung Kyung-ho's agency confirmed in January that Jung has been dating actress and singer Choi Soo-young from girl group Girls' Generation since early They became acquainted as they attend the same church and went to the same university. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a Korean name ; the family name is Jung.

Biodata Jung Kyung ho

SooIn Love Fan Blog. Actor Choung Kyung-ho - Part 2".

Jung Kyung Ho

Archived from the original on 5 October Retrieved 1 July Archived from the original on 13 July You're very cool in this drama!! If you spit and curse at it, the world will curse and spit back at you. Elizabeth Mar 27 Your beautiful smile just is amazing. I enjoy all your facial features that you bring into your character. You are truly a gifted person. Wishing you the best.


Your one off my favorite WO air xihuan ni. Isabel Dec 30 9: You have a cool cavalier style about your that draws women in like a magnet and peaks any director and writers interest. Pearl Sandi Aung Nov 30 5: Prince Nov 15 5: His acting is so awesome and really excellent. He deserves the best actor. Hope to see him choose a good drama in next role soon. Prince Nov 01 6: You can follow his Instagram account allallj. Nice to see him there. He is so cool!!!! Bonnie Katzell Sep 19 8: Job well done and tho I am currently on episode 21 I hope his character has a happy ending Blue Flower Sep 19 6: You are my favorite Korean actor.

Excellent in every role that you have done. You deserve the best actor. I hope it will come to you soon and have a good relationship with Sooyoung forever. Lovely and right match. Wishing the best for you. Pollen Sep 10 2: Your acting is amazing in cruel city drama. You are very handsome and cool.

biodata jung kyung ho biography

I always your fan James Aug 17 6: You sacrificed ur love and life. I must say remarkable acting You are an A-list Korean Actor! Ny Aug 07 Love his acting so so much! Abeer Jun 06 7: Kdrama Lovers Apr 26 6: Vincent Apr 02 8: Yenny Jan 07 2: But it has been ten years ago so just get lost,plz give my idol back and you don't deserve to her.

Lizzy Payne Jan 04 5: He knows what kind of expression to use and when to use them xD I really loveeee your acting and you're so sexy hahahaha best of luck. I hope they give you more lead roles Jungle fish Jan 03 3: Ariana Sep 22 9: Kim Sep 14 2: So brave and hot: I wish there was a happy ending for Shi Hyun and Soo Min. Smile Sep 04 9: Good health and Good luck in everything you do and meet the right match.

Imalee Sep 02 3: You were cool, brave, loyal as well as emotional. I stayed glued to the screen just to see you face. Also, Happy Belated Birthday.

Jung Kyoung-Ho (1983)

I wish I can come down to south Korean and meet him. I use to be one of lee min Ho fans. Am from Africa Nigeria. I love him so much. Lovely Jung Aug 24 9: They are a graceful personality and great acting both.

biodata jung kyung ho biography

It's a great drama and perfect project if they act together on a good drama. Hope to see u again in ur next project.

biodata jung kyung ho biography

Your acting is just no joke. Please choose the right project like cruel city,the character's just make u look more sexy, and I always love ur expression. I love you From indonesia. It was like losing a friend. I hope the make a part 2 to this move. Can't wait for your next project. Love Love Aug 07 8: Love him so much in Heartless City even though the end so sad. Great performance in Paksa's role.

Jung Kyung-ho (actor, born 1983)

I wanna see him with Moon Chae Won in drama. CICI Aug 06 I am now a huge fan of his. He had so much charisma and style that I miss his character "Doctor's Son".

biodata jung kyung ho biography

Tina Jul 31 9: Diena Jul 31 7: I want see him again with Nam Gyu Ri because cruel city was not a love story drama. I really want to see this couple again.

Bon bon Jul 26 1: Jung Kyung-Ho is one of the most talented actor that Korean has and i think he did an amazing job in Cruel City He really brought up his character really well in the drama He did an amazing job in other dramas too but Cruel City is his best i guess Fighting Jung Kyung-Ho actor!!!!

Nidnoi Jun 28 7: His acting is really great. Excellent Jung Kyung Ho!!! High End Crush Short Series Opposites attract when a man with everything falls head-over-heels for a woman who grew up with nothing. Ja Myung Go Historical Two half-sisters battle each other for the survival of their kingdom, and for the love of one man, in this fantastical reinterpretation of a Korean folk tale.

Missing Nine Korean Dramas Nine people crashed on an island. One More Happy Ending Korean Dramas Four women once part of a popular K-pop girl group now live out their lives, hoping to find happiness ahead and not only in their past. Smile, You Romantic Comedy A heartwarming, mega-hit tale of unexpected changes and the everlasting bonds of family and loyalty.

Sweet 18 Melodrama Sometimes a match made in heaven needs to go through hell first. Post a New Comment Please sign in to comment. Discussion Post a New Comment Please sign in to comment. Posted by Spam Offensive Duplicate. You must be logged in to! Just to be safe, input your password to login Connect with Facebook or Create an Account Already a member?

biodata jung kyung ho biography

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