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Ana lucasey biography

ana lucasey biography
Bill Aaron Eckhart is an overweight, middle-aged man who dissatisfies himself and works at his father-in-law, Mr. She has been to jail a few times due to drug possession and Ricky often felt bitter towards her because she failed to protect him from his father's abuse. However, Ashley's main concern is keeping her family together.

Grant and Grace bond over their shared desire to become doctors, and strengthen that bond over a summer at MED camp. In her endeavors to become a doctor, she visits Africa with her doctor step-father, where she cheats on Grant with Daniel, a college student. Grant and Grace later break up and she begins to date Daniel, but their relationship isn't smooth due to his greater maturity. Grace becomes jealous of Daniel's ex-girlfriend at the graduation party and Daniel leaves.

Grace and Jack share a kiss the next morning after the party, which is captured on a cell phone by Daniel's ex-girlfriend, Raven. Raven texts the picture to Daniel, and he breaks up with Grace, realizing that she still has feelings for Jack. Grace later confesses to Adrian that she thinks she may still be in love with Jack. She and Jack end their engagement and she moves to New York and becomes a doctor. George is a comically blunt, somewhat immature and often oblivious man, but one who loves his family and tries hard to protect them and keep them together.

His first wife was Kathleen Bowman, a woman who married him for sex. George, a furniture salesman, met Anne while she was in college. He and Anne eloped shortly after discovering Anne was pregnant with Amy. Two years later, they had Ashley. It is later found out that he cheated on Anne with other women. The two get a divorce and remarried and separate again. He also has another son with Anne, Robie. He currently lives at his children's childhood home with his dog. When everyone moves out, he invites Ricky's mother, Nora, to move in with him as a roommate.

ana lucasey biography

She moves into Ashley's garage bedroom. George and Anne still feel a spark for each other, but Anne seems intent on seeing the divorce go through. After George realizes Anne really is gay and he has no more feelings for her, he starts to date his first wife Kathleen Grace and Tom's mother again. They realize they still have their spark and that they are still in love. She is a responsible, practical, and naturally independent woman who tries to install the same virtues in her daughters.

Anne met George while she was majoring in Women's Studies at college. When Anne discovered she had become pregnant with Amy, she reluctantly dropped out of college, married George and became a wife. Two years later, she had Ashley, and another 14 years after that, she had Robbie. She and George separated after she became tired of his womanizing and realized that she was not happy in the marriage.

She dated an architect for a while, and they planned to marry when she became pregnant, thinking it was his child; he later confessed that he could not have children, and she realized that Robbie was George's son. She lived with her mother for a while after her separation from George, but when her mother went into a home for Alzheimer's patients, she was on her own, and began to see a high school sweetheart for companionship, but the relationship didn't go anywhere.

She and George made an attempt to get back together and she took over the design portion of his furniture business, but again she finds poorly-hidden evidence that he was unfaithful, and resumed divorce proceedings.

In season 5, after George spreads the truth as a rumor around town, Anne Juergens comes out to her family as a lesbian. She walks in her house one day when Nora Ricky's birth mother was having an AA meeting with all lesbians attending. Anne gets to know one of them closely and invited her to stay the night. They plan to go out on a date. Steve Schirripa portrays Leo Boykewich, Ben's widowed father. He owns the local butcher shop, and is known as "The Sausage King".

Leo is one of the first people to suspect Amy's pregnancy due to her huge appetite and nausea. He even supported Ben's decision to marrying Amy since he met Ben's mother when they were in high school. He's usually portrayed as the voice of reason for many of the characters on the shows. Such as when he tells Ben off for believing that he can support Amy's baby with his money. He gives Ben and Ricky jobs at the butcher shop as a way to help support Amy.

In the second season, Leo begins to date a woman named Betty, who is the prostitute Tom had once hired. We later learn from Betty that she was very upfront about her profession the first day she introduced herself to Leo, because she was afraid of embarrassing him.

He later proposes to Betty, but she explains that she may still be married to her ex. He promises to hunt down her husband, who turns out to be dead, and they get married in an elaborate ceremony.

Leo takes Ricky under his wing by allowing him to live in the upstairs apartment.

ana lucasey biography

He is upset when Ben and Adrian discover they are having a baby, and tries to caution Ben from marrying Adrian just because she is pregnant. Ben is insistent, however, so Leo purchases a condo for the newlyweds. When Ben is ambivalent about being married, Leo sternly tells him that he made the choice, and he now has to make the best of it.

When the baby is stillborn, Leo tearfully breaks the news to Ben and Adrian's friends at the hospital, and then later supports Ben's decision to get a divorce.

In Season 4, Leo questions whether or not he wants to be married to Betty anymore when he suspects that his longtime assistant, Camille, is in love with him. Even so, Leo decides to stick with the marriage because he believes that is the right thing to do. Betty later decides that she wants a divorce and Leo agrees to it. He later sends Camille flowers and a bracelet and invites her out to dinner. While talking in the car on the way to dinner Camille kisses Leo, and the two are later seen together at graduation.

ana lucasey biography

They get married in the fifth season, and decide to adopt a young girl who was the under-aged prostitute that Jack helped. The following is a list of characters that are, or at one time were, a recurring guest on the series. Anne Ramsay portrays Nora Underwood, Ricky's biological mother. For the majority of the first season, she is a distant character in Ricky's past. She has been to jail a few times due to drug possession and Ricky often felt bitter towards her because she failed to protect him from his father's abuse. But in Season 3, episode 7, she comes back into his life, to spend time with her son before she gets put back in jail.

Ruben Enriquez Adrian's fatheras a DA helps Ricky get his mother out of jail, as he is willing to try and forgive her. Later on in the season, the two begin to repair the relationship, however, she was unsure about telling him she has a girlfriend, but she later does, and is gratified when Ricky seems pleased for her. The relationship doesn't last, though, and after a night of binge drinking with the purported intent of convincing Ben that he shouldn't drink she moves out of Margaret and Shakur's home and moves in with George Juergens, who initially tries to make a play for her, but remains pals when he discovers that she is a lesbian.

She is very proud of Ricky's accomplishments in spite of his shaky childhood. He is now dating Alison 'Alice' Valko who is portrayed by Amy Riderwho has also become a friend of Ben's and some of the girls in school. Alice is very smart and knows a lot of factual information, while Henry is a bit more social.

They have and discuss sex quite often, but fairly maturely.

In the first episode, Alice pointed out Amy to Ben. In season 4 Henry breaks up with Alice and the two try "shared custody" of Ben, which is awkward and doesn't work out. In the 13th episode of Season 4, Alice walks into a bedroom after a graduation party to find Henry in bed with Adrian. Angrily, she tells Ben what she found, and Ben tells Henry he is no longer welcome in his home. After Ben finds out that he can no longer date Dylan, a sad conversation with Alice turns into sex.

ana lucasey biography

Henry thinks that there is something going on that he doesn't know about and pressures Alice to tell him. Ben doesn't know that Alice told Henry, and is mad at him for kissing Dylan.

Ana Lucasey

Jorge Pallo portrays Marc Molina, who was the school guidance counselor and was a big hit with the girls at the start of the school year. Before Amy reveals her pregnancy to her two best friends, Lauren and Madison, they gab about the new counselor, asking if she has something better to talk about than him.

He's always helping people, especially Ben and Adrian.

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He disappeared before the season break, with people saying that he ran off with Adrian, but no one really knew why he was gone. It was later revealed that he left to get married. We later find out that his wife was his crazy girlfriend that he talked about with Ben and also that he was once a cop until his wife made him quit the force.

Marc believes he married the wrong person, but it is revealed that his wife is pregnant when she comes to Amy's baby shower. He eventually resigned because he needed a better job to support his growing family. She has the beginnings of Alzheimer's disease and recently moved to an assisted care home. It is stated that she likes everyone better than Anne, and Anne is reluctant to tell her about anything in her life, such as her marital problems with George as well as her pregnancy.

Anne and Amy worry about her sometimes. Mimsy is reported as having suffered a slight stroke and therefore, Anne and George miss John's first birthday to go to her side. Mimsy surprises Anne and George with the news that she has married a gentleman named Eugene Levy.

She cheated on George during their marriage. As a teen, Kathleen's mother did not let her have any physical contact with any boys. She told Grace that she only married George for sex. She waited until she married Marshall Bowman to have sex with him. She becomes a widow after Marshall dies in a private jet crash and began dating a younger man named Dr.

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Jeff Tseguay, a gynecologist, much to Grace's displeasure. Kathleen and Jeff are so excited that Grace suddenly seems to be in favor of the marriage that they impulsively decide to marry right away. Kathleen therefore changed her name from "Bowman" to "Tseguay". Kathleen tries to balance supervising Tom's special needs with his desire to be independent, and tries to get Grace to behave responsibly when it comes to sex.

Kathleen then gets back together with George Juergens in a serious relationship. His mother died earlier in his life, then he was adopted by the Bowmans. With the normal drives of a young man, he is interested in sex—at one point, he calls an "escort" service and a prostitute named Betty comes in response to his call.

They do not have sex, but she spends the evening talking with him and allowing him to confess his frustrations. Later, he meets Tammy and wants to marry her, despite having only been on one date with her. Tammy ends up marrying someone else.

He sometimes refers to Ricky as "Drummer Boy" and cares deeply about Grace. He mistakes Adrian's manipulation of him to borrow money as interest in him, and tries to respond, with no luck.

When it is first announced that Adrian is pregnant, Tom proposes to her, and promises to take care of her. She gently refuses him. He and Jack share the Bowman's guesthouse for a while when Tom is impatient for more independence that Kathleen is willing to allow him.

ana lucasey biography

Jack moves into the main house when Tom begins dating a woman with two children that he met on the bus on his way to work as a Vice President of Human Resources. John Schneider portrays Dr. Marshall Bowman, Grace's overprotective father. He's also the partner of the Juergens' pediatrician, Dr. Hightower, which is how he found out about Amy's pregnancy. Marshall later admits to Ricky that his brother was sexually abused by his neighbor and later committed suicide. Marshall dies when his private jet crashes, leaving Grace thinking the crash was all her fault because she had sex with her boyfriend, Jack, after Marshall told her not to.

His body was cremated and spread on a hole in a golf course. It was discovered in Season 4, that Marshall had a relationship with another woman while he was in Zimbabwe and they had a son together named Jacob. Renee Olstead portrays Madison Mildred Cooperstein. She is in 12th grade, she's one of Amy's best friends, and her values are defined by her Catholicism. Madison unintentionally spreads gossip and rumors, though she is a well-meaning girl. She dated Lauren's brother, Jason, and unintentionally spread the news of Amy's pregnancy.

She feels ignored by Amy because she is spending more time with Ben than with her. Madison broke up with Jason but started to have feelings over the breakup.

It is revealed that her mother died. Madison seems to have a crush on Jack and might have done something with him over the summer. She does not want a relationship with Jack despite fooling around with him. After Jack and Grace's relationship fizzles, Jack begins to date Madison. Madison, hoping to reassure Jack that she is a "free spirit" and doesn't want to trap him, tells Jack that she's not interested in children or marriage.

This causes Jack to rethink the relationship because, as he tells her, the whole idea of dating is to find someone that you might want to marry. Since she says she doesn't want to marry, perhaps he should be dating elsewhere. Madison quickly recants and tells Jack that she is interested in a family and children, but not for a long time. They resume their relationship, and while Madison is seriously considering having sex with Jack, she confesses that she isn't quite ready, wanting the occasion to be special and wearing a pretty dress and having her make-up done.

Jack tells her that he is fine with waiting. So, to get around having actual sex, Madison and Jack often have oral sex. After school ends, Madison sleeps over at the Bowman guest house where Jack stays and lies about where she spent the night. When her dad gets an email from Lauren, he forbids Madison and Jack to date.

Madison later tries to date her former supervisor, whom her father discovers lied about his age, and proceeds to kick him out of his home. Madison lost her virginity to Jack after Adrian and Ben's wedding, but because she and Jack regret having sex, they decide to discontinue any sexual activity. At the graduation party Madison has sex with Lauren's boyfriend, Jesse.

Lauren tells her that she hates her, orders her out of her house when Madison comes to apologize, and rips up a photo of the two of them. Then they go to Berkeley because of their amazing singing voices. Then her and Jack get back together move to New York. They also get married. She becomes a great brodway singer and Jack becomes a coach. Camille Winbush portrays Lauren Treacy, who is also in the 12th grade and one of Amy's best friends. She is smart, practical, and seems to be the voice of reason for Amy.

Her father is Ricky's therapist. Along with Madison, Lauren also accidentally spread the news of Amy's pregnancy. She made out with Ricky one night in his car. She also feels ignored by Amy. Her parents are divorced, and her mother is remarried. Lauren is now dating Jesse, and plans to have sex with him when Madison and Jack have sex. After her parents find out that she and Jesse slept over at Jack's guest house and she lied about it, her father and mother ban her from seeing and being with Jesse.

She and Jesse break up, but then get back together when they realize they still care for each other. Jesse throws an all-night graduation party, where he drinks too much and ends up in bed with Madison after Lauren makes it clear that she neither intends to drink or have sex that night. Angrily, she breaks up with Jesse and tells Madison that she hates her.

Camille Winbush also previously guest starred on 7th Heaven for 6 episodes as Lynn Hamilton. He's a member of the Grant High Football team and portrayed as an excellent student, proven by the fact that he was the only other student besides Grace Bowman to be accepted into the Young Healers Camp program, for students who aspire to be doctors. At the age of 10, Ana found her second home at the theatre, playing the understudy of Annie in her first community theatre production. She performed in countless plays and musicals throughout her childhood as well as booking national commercials.

The summer after Ana graduated from high July 19in St. View agent and manager Represent Ana Mackenzie? Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

Actresses, I have a crush on. Real sexy Actresses Age Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. Bill and his wife Jess Elizabeth Banks live in a house provided by her father and lead a comfortable lifestyle. Bill tries to purchase a doughnut franchise with the Whitmans Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiiga friendly married couple who own the franchise business. Bill's interest in purchasing a franchise is an attempt to wean himself and his wife off Jacoby's finances. At a public donation ceremony sponsored by his in-laws, Bill first meets "the Kid" Logan Lermana spunky and easygoing teenager, who is running from the school principal for possession of marijuana.

Bill protects the Kid by pretending he did not see anyone and there is no one hiding in the bathroom. In the hallway, after the principal suggests a school mentoring program, he sees his wife talking with Chip Johnson Timothy Olyphantthe local, pompous newscaster. Bill begins to get mildly suspicious, and also begins to "mentor" the Kid.

Before a hunting trip with his in-laws and the students they are all mentoring, he places a hidden camera in his and Jess' bedroom, and learns that his wife is having an affair with Chip.

In a rage, he shows her the camera, the two argue causing Jess to seek Chip and tell him about the tape, where Bill ends up beating him up on live TV and is arrested. After the sex tape has been taken in by the police and viewed, they later find that it circulates the bank and local community, furthering Bill and Jess' embarrassment, particularly concerning Jess' offensive comments to Chip about Bill, their sex life and his penis size.

Jess fears the video could ruin her father's mayoral bid and tries to conceal the news of her affair and the video from him. Bill's brother Craig Bierko bails him out of jail, and Bill stays at the home of his brother and his husband Reed Diamond.

ana lucasey biography

He gets into a fight about the sex tape with his wife, and the two of them go to Chip's house. Chips makes rude comments to Jess, and Bill then beats up Chip again and it's once again broadcast by the local TV station, which labels Bill as Chip's "deranged fan. Bill moves in with Sargeant Craig Bierkohis successful older brother.

Sargeant's boyfriend Paul Reed Diamond encourages Bill to take up swimming, a former pastime of Bill's. He starts doing so and it helps clear his mind. He continues mentoring the Kid, who sees the best in Bill, and the Kid devises a plan to win back Bill's wife. Introducing the lingerie salesgirl Lucy Jessica Albahe makes it appear as if Lucy and Bill are romantically involved to make Jess jealous. Meanwhile, Bill is still trying to get the doughnut franchise, but Jess is required to meet with the owners as co-partner, and so Bill and the Kid have Lucy act as Bill's wife.

Bill slowly begins to get a hand on his life again, cutting his addiction to sweets, losing weight, swimming daily, mentoring the Kid, and trying to win back Jess. At a family dinner, Bill volunteers to buy the fireworks for the 'club picnic' where his father-in-law intends to announce that he is running for Mayor.

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