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Osvaldo salas biography of mahatma

osvaldo salas biography of mahatma
As an year-old photographer in , Roberto Salas departed on the adventure of his life. Many remember the time the U. The Hollywood power couple L met the pope R during a ceremony in Vatican City on May 29, , when George Clooney was awarded a medal for his contribution to the work of the Scholas Occurrentes foundation.

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Six kids killed in school attack. EFF wants charges dropped. Dlamini's next national embarrassment? He wanted to see for himself what people were saying about an island which broke away from the revolutionary objectives that he knew. He was a veteran of looking in detail at the most important moments of the great commotions of the XX Century. On learning about his death, on Monday, August 2,I opened the pages of Life magazine for March 15, Fidel Castro is on the cover in black and white.

osvaldo salas biography of mahatma

The misleading photo invites you to get into the pages of a publication with the pretext to have a lookat an island closed to the eyes of the world. Inside, in every image, emerges another reality: There was not a single caption or annotation obscuring the diaphanous language of facts.

Cartier-Bresson, true to himself, to his calling, had shown in a few moments the dimensions of a changing era. Beyond the will of the editors of a U. Maybe later when you've put away you're camera, you say, 'Jesus, I took pictures of so-and-so. Perhaps that is why Salas and his father managed to capture so many intimate and revealing portraits of Castro. It was part of the effort to bring the story of the revolution to the Cuban people. One picture taken by Roberto Salas shows Castro in the rugged jungle, shirt off, leaning on a thin tree.

osvaldo salas biography of mahatma

He recalls the moment when he took that picture, and Castro's reaction. You normally don't see chiefs of states or leaders in that kind of situation. Another memorable photo by Roberto Salas features Castro and Guevara huddled over a table, the glow of Castro's match reflecting off their faces. Salas says he happened upon the scene in the middle of the night while staying at the government palace. It was dark, and he had to rest his camera on a table to support it. Another picture from that time offers a completely different view of Castro as the Cuban diplomat.

Mahatma Gandhi-Documentary

It shows American writer Ernest Hemingway and Castro side by side. Yet this is the only time these men ever spoke together. And that picture is of that moment. And what book on Fidel Castro -- former baseball player -- would be complete without a picture of him on the diamond. Dressed in army fatigues, boots and a team Cuba pin-striped jersey, the picture of Castro readying to throw a pitch symbolizes Cuba's national obsession with the sport.

Salas says Castro used to organize pick-up games between government officials and Cuba's finest players, playing games at three in the morning. The latest news from Cuba this week has been the reaction to President Clinton's plans to improve communication between the people of Cuba and the United States. While the plan doesn't directly remove the U. Salas, who lives in Havana, says the time has come for Washington to treat Cuba with the respect it treats other communist countries. I do believe there has to be steps taken on both sides to normalize relations.

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It's the natural thing. They are 90 miles apart, it's a natural market for both sides, and there's historically always been a good relationship with the people of the United States and the people of Cuba. There's no real logical reason for this to continue anymore. Meantime, the pictures taken by Roberto and Osvaldo, who died instand as now-surreal interpretations of a country's lost legacy, whose people boarded one man's steamship to the promised land but now float uneasily on an ever-changing sea.

Cuba is more or less the same. As an year-old photographer inRoberto Salas departed on the adventure of his life.

osvaldo salas biography of mahatma

Fidel Castro, fresh from his victory over Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, personally asked the Bronx-born Salas and his father, Osvaldo, to be part of an exclusive group of photographers to chronicle the revolution. Osvaldo Salas, whose New York photo studio was the cultural epicenter of the tight-knit Cuban exile community, had earlier impressed Castro with his work.

osvaldo salas biography of mahatma

Those were heady days for both photographers and their subjects. The pair packed their bags, closed their New York studio and boarded a plane to the island. And that super adventure turned into where I ended up living the rest of my life. Looking back at pictures of those historic moments of 40 years ago, Roberto Salas can only reminisce. The Salases' photographs can be seen through Feb. Featuring more than photographs by Roberto and his father, the retrospective and the accompanying book capture Castro, Che and others from their pre-revolutionary days in through the Bay of Pigs crisis, to present-day Cuba.

The Salases' adventure began in the early days of when Castro, a young, dapper man in a three-piece suit, visited the exiled Cuban community in New York to raise funds for his cause. Looking more like a banker than a Marxist, Castro was not a recognizable figure to the young Roberto. The younger Salas wasted no time in jumping on an airplane with his cameras--alongside other Cuban Americans carrying bazookas, grenades and big guns--to the island.

osvaldo salas biography of mahatma

Neither Salas was driven by ideology; rather, it was Castro's powers of persuasion that drew them in, Salas said. Ever the astute politician, Castro realized it was essential to publicize the revolutionary cause to the populace. Since most of the Cuban population was illiterate, Castro's small band of photographers were given the task of filling the pages of the daily newspaper Revolucion with images of the people and their leaders. The elder Salas headed the operation, overseeing a group of photographers including his son, Mayito, Korda, Corrales and Liborio.

Together, these men set about to show the human face of the revolution--the guajiros, or peasants who had taken arms in the sierras against Batista and the women who formed part of the war effort. Then there were the minds behind the revolution, many of whom were mysterious figures to the majority of Cubans. There was Camilo Cienfuegos, a former tailor. ByCienfuegos was posing for Osvaldo Salas in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, forcefully peering at the camera in military fatigues and boots, long hair and beard, as one of the revolution's most important commanders.

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