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Alfonso x el sabio biography of william

alfonso x el sabio biography of william
We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Died April 4, in Seville, Spain. The manuscript illuminations preserve his physical portrait for posterity, and also document the vibrant musical life of his court:

The early period of Alfonso's reign saw the translation of selected works of magic LapidarioPicatrixLibro de las formas et las ymagenes all translated by a Jewish scholar named Yehuda ben Moshe Yhuda Mosca, in the Old Spanish source texts.

These were all highly ornate manuscripts only the Lapidario survives in its entirety containing what was believed to be secret knowledge on the magical properties of stones and talismans. In addition to these books of astral magic, Alfonso ordered the translation of well-known Arabic astrological compendia, including the Libro de las cruzes and Libro conplido en los iudizios de las estrellas. The first of these was, ironically, translated from Latin it was used among the Visigothsinto Arabicand then back into Castilian and Latin.

alfonso x el sabio biography of william

As an intellectual he gained considerable scientific fame based on his encouragement of astronomywhich included astrology at the time and the Ptolemaic cosmology as known to him through the Arabs. He surrounded himself with mostly Jewish translators who rendered Arabic scientific texts into Castilian at Toledo. His fame extends to the preparation of the Alfonsine tablesbased on calculations of al-Zarqali, "Arzachel".

Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean

Alexander Bogdanov maintained that these tables formed the basis for Copernicus 's development of a heliocentric understanding in astronomy. One famous, but apocryphal, quote attributed to him upon his hearing an explanation of the extremely complicated mathematics required to demonstrate Ptolemy 's theory of astronomy was "If the Lord Almighty had consulted me before embarking on creation thus, I should have recommended something simpler. Secretary of State, used it as the basis for the title and epigraph of his memoir Present at the Creation [13].

This chronicle sought to establish a general history and drew from older chronicles, folklore and Arabic sources. Alfonso's court compiled in Castilian a work titled General Estoria. This work was an attempt at a world history that drew from many sources and included translations from the Vulgate Old Testament mixed with myths and histories from the classical world, mostly Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Alfonso also had the Libro de ajedrez, dados, y tablas "Libro de los Juegos" The Book of Games translated into Castilian from Arabic and added illustrations with the goal of perfecting the work.

alfonso x el sabio biography of william

Alfonso X commissioned or co-authored numerous works of music during his reign. These works included Cantigas d'escarnio e maldicer and the vast compilation Cantigas de Santa Maria "Songs to the Virgin Mary"which was written in Galician-Portuguese and figures among the most important of his works.

alfonso x el sabio biography of william

The Cantigas form one of the largest collections of vernacular monophonic songs to survive from the Middle Ages. They consist of poems with musical notation. The poems are for the most part on miracles attributed to the Virgin Mary. Violante was ten years old at the time of her marriage to Alfonso; she produced no children for several years and it was feared that she was barren.

Alfonso almost had their marriage annulled, but they went on to have eleven children:. Alfonso X also had several illegitimate children.

alfonso x el sabio biography of william

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alfonso x el sabio biography of william

Concerning this, a miracle happened in the land of Catalonia to a minstrel who sang well, with grace and ease, earning a good living, he came to lodge in the house of a greedy knight Just as the name of the Virgin is beautiful to the virtuous, Cantiga No. Cantiga De Santa Maria, No. See my eyes, a river-flood Day and night, oh, see! Delivering Poems Around The World. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge Siete partidas was the most important law code. It was based on Roman law and contained discourses on manners and morals and an idea of the king and his people as a corporation—superior to feudal arrangements—with the king as agent of both God and the people.

Alfonso X and the Cantigas de Santa Maria

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Alfonso X (el Sabio)

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alfonso x el sabio biography of william

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