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Brantley pollock biography sample

brantley pollock biography sample
Retrieved 14 October I like to have sex and fall in love—I don't like giving terminology for my sexuality.

It was announced on 9 August that his next release would be a double album entitled Sundark and Riverlightcelebrating Wolf's 10 years as a recording artist. The album will feature acoustic re-recordings of songs from throughout his career, as well as previously unheard tracks. It will be released on 25 September. Sundark and Riverlight is now available to stream in full online.

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In March he announced on BBC Radio 6's Tom Robinson Show that he would be taking the first sabbatical of his career before pursuing the next chapter of his musical journey. InWolf went on to finish the last dates of Patti Smith 's Banga tour on Celtic harp and viola. In AugustWolf was struck by a car and seriously injured. As of August 17, he was still recovering, but had no plans of canceling a performance scheduled for the end of that month.

brantley pollock biography sample

Wolf reflects that as a teenager, he was bullied at school in Wimbledon for his perceived eccentricity and effeminacy.

Mentors at school treated him with disdain when he came to them for support on the issue. The bullying problem was only rectified after his mother changed schools. Wolf comments, "With gay or bi people, I think education still wonders if it's a nature-versus-nurture thing.

brantley pollock biography sample

If you were black, they'd know they couldn't change you, and racist bullying would never be condoned, but if someone is quite feminine or knows they might be gay at 13, they think they can change you with a bit of rugby. On 27 Februaryin an interview with thelondonpaperWolf raised questions about his sexuality: It makes life easier.

I fall in love with men and women. I guess you would call me bisexual. I like to have sex and fall in love—I don't like giving terminology for my sexuality. As an artist, Wolf reflects that he doesn't like to worry about whether he makes a record "too gay or too straight or too this or too that. In July during an interview he shared a story about how he was randomly hugged by a fan.

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The occasion was deemed awkward by both involved; however they both believe they were bettered by the experience. In SeptemberWolf claimed that he was beaten up by security guards for kissing his boyfriend at a Madonna concert in London.

brantley pollock biography sample

My man's face covered in blood. They are currently researching the CCTV - it just really nuts.

brantley pollock biography sample

On 31 DecemberPatrick Wolf announced via Twitter that he was set to enter a civil partnership with his boyfriend William Pollock. Since then "That very time I saw but thou couldst not Flying between the cold moon and the Earth, Cupid all armed.

A certain aim he took".

brantley pollock biography sample

Bloody Chamber Music is an independent record label founded by Patrick Wolf. However, he has since explained that due to music piracy, as well as the current economic climate, some artists have been finding it difficult to stay in music. Bloody Chamber Music is a label which will allow such artists to follow their vocation, and be supported by their fans.

Bandstocks was an early music crowdfunding website. Patrick Wolf collaborated with his fans through Bandstocks for his album release, The Bachelor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other people named Patrick Wolf, see Patrick Wolf disambiguation. Retrieved 29 June Retrieved 5 February Retrieved 19 February Patrick Wolf to tour Russia". Retrieved 20 September Patrick Wolf to release jubilee record music news triple j". Retrieved 14 October Two weeks ago I was hit by A Retrieved 8 April Sign up for e-alerts. Looking for a job?

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brantley pollock biography sample

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brantley pollock biography sample

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