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Uche ndigwe biography examples

uche ndigwe biography examples
According to her she made the 'first move' on her husband back then because she thought he was a stingy person. Finally, the funds were available for her to continue her education. In various interviews, she describes her husband and sons as "her best friends".

Speaking about the endorsement, she admitted that she is extremely happy about it, as Globacom is a massive brand that everybody loves to be associated with. Inshe was appointed as Ambassador for the Harpic brand. She also has other endorsements to her credit, including GoTV, a cable television station owned by Multichoice, and Olumide Emmanuel's "School of Money". On both programs, she speaks about trending societal issues in a comic manner, with a segment where people phone in to share their comments on these issues.

The programs have garnered massive listenership and continue to put smiles on many lips, as well as relax frayed nerves - according to testimonies from callers. Helen has bagged numerous awards, including: In addition, Helen Paul is in high demand at high profile events, several of which she has anchored and continues to host.

As a compere par excellence, she has compered events either for or at which highly distinguished personalities were in attendance. Film Director Elvis Chucks. Film Producer Uche Jombo. Film Director Seke Somolu.

uche ndigwe biography examples

Apart from the big screen, Helen is also a lover of stage plays and she has starred in the following: Helen has written several plays and short stories, most of which are in the process of being published. She writes mostly on societal issues and her style borders on comedy, tragedy and tragi-comedy. The play later toured some schools, including: And you may need to write different kinds of professional bios- long, short or micro two-liners according to the various websites includes social networking sites as well you may approach or choose. Now as your readers can view all your bios, they should be same.

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Uche Jombo

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uche ndigwe biography examples

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uche ndigwe biography examples

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uche ndigwe biography examples

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You cannot boast about your achievements if you are using first person perspective. Screen diva Uche started her career at a tender age when she used to dress up and tell her stories to family and friends in her hometown of Abiriba in Abia State. Before gaining admission into Unical, she bagged a diploma in Computer programming at the Federal university of Technology in Minna, Niger state Nigeria. After years of working as a Nollywood actress, she ventured into script writing where she co-wrote movies like Girls in the hood, a time to love, games men play and the celebrity.

uche ndigwe biography examples

She later ventured into movie production phase with her business named Uche Jombo Studio in Uche Jombo has won millions of fans worldwide and continues to blaze trails and inspire others around her. She has evolved and come into her own as a versatile actress, able to hold her own anywhere and on any stage. Well, it was good while it lasted; he was a good man to me. I felt all I saw was all I was supposed to see but later when one thing led to another and things started unfolding.

uche ndigwe biography examples

I started finding out that everything was not what it seemed. Every relationship, you have problems in-between, there is no relationship that just goes on smoothly. There are things you can hide as friends but as married couple it is impossible because so many other things like families are involved. As his girlfriend some things that were hidden were revealed when I became his wife. What happened between me and my husband is between me and my husband.

Uche Ogbodo

We caused it, both of us caused it. The marriage lasted barely a month before we started having issues. We were having issues before I found out I was pregnant.

uche ndigwe biography examples

I saw something in him that nobody had ever seen.

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