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Astrologia espiritual ekkirala krishnamacharya biography

astrologia espiritual ekkirala krishnamacharya biography
During this period his emotions and thoughts are blended. He was proximate to the humans when he did mistakes. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

He was not difficult to reach, for he reached the people. He was not difficult to be understood, for he was human enough.

astrologia espiritual ekkirala krishnamacharya biography

He carried in him the dimensions, which needed to be reached and he carried in him the hidden dimensions of every human, which are Divine. He led people to understand that part of the human, which is Divine.

His life gives the message that the human being is not of the world though he is in the world. This presentation is composed due to persistent demands on the composer by the groups in the East and in the West to give a brief biography of Master E.

Кришнамачарья Эккирала Кулапати. Книги онлайн

A little information about the composer also became necessary for it was unavoidable. That part may be read gently and judged kindly. This work has been done in 18 hours spread over 5 days as a run-on dictation to Madame Tiziana Diaz amidst other duties. It is expected that the demand of the group is met in a way.

astrologia espiritual ekkirala krishnamacharya biography

It has something to inform us, it is in relation to the Energy that has visited into this system through the constellation of Leo, the Energy of Synthesis. Ananthacharya, was a great.

Ananthacharya was in deep communion with the. Consciousness, he conceived Master E. That was the reason why the child was named after Lord.

When he was 13 years of age he lost his mother. But even from childhood Master E. His father did not send his children to the school. He was of a very firm conviction that the modern schools do not teach what is to be taught. The schools make the children automatons. It follows the path of the higher sun, or the equinox.

Therefore for a proper understanding of his further path, the ascendant should be progressed backwards. The path is from Aries to Pisces and so on. His ascendant meets the aspects of the other planets in a receding order of direction which will be explained later.

His life is guided by the planetary principles as angels and not planets. There are three main centres through which the cosmic energy contacts him. In the cosmic plan, there are three great forces which are beyond the planetary level. These are the solar, the lunar, and the earth principles.


These principles are the cause of the planetary creation in each solar system. Every planet and its every atom contain these principles. They are explained, in detail, in the next chapter. In the horoscope of a disciple who has attained this fourth stage, his birth Sun works as his solar-principle, his birth Moon as his lunar-principle, and his ascendant as his earth-principle. He gains mastery over these principles and creates through them in tune with the cosmic plan.

He attains the level of a worker with the higher beings. At this stage only, the aspects between the planets that occur during the progressions of his retrograde horoscope respond. The Sun and the Moon stimulate him only through the new moon and the full moon and the half-moons. The ascendant influences him only through its rotation along the four cardinal points of the day the east, the meridian, the west, and the nadir.

Кришнамачарья Эккирала «Ведическая астрология»

A thorough explanation of these stages, as far as it is possible at present, will be given in this book. Email will not be published required. You can use these tags: A WordPress theme by Ravi Varma. Let East and West be fused in 'ME': Live, work and realize ME in you. The first step, for every aspirant, is to know that he is a column of consciousness. Other personality identities are illusion. The second step, is to know that the individual unit consciousness has no separate existence, it belongs to the Universal Consciousness. At the third step the individual consciousness absorbs itself into the Universal Consciousness of Existence, only THAT remains, the individual ceases to be.

Thereafter, in the fourth step, the individual returns from THAT.

Top 7 Quotes by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

He is no more the one that got absorbed into IT. He comes back as THAT only. Please help by clicking the Edit tab and adding details about ashrams, centers, temples, satsangs and any other locations and events related to this guru. The purpose of this book is to provide some of the keys to what was given out to Madam H. The astrological key is inevitable to read the Scriptures of the world and understand them in a proper manner.

astrologia espiritual ekkirala krishnamacharya biography

This book is highly recommended for all serious students of astrology, symbolism, and the occult sciences. A mosaic of a thousand facets of ancient Wisdom. A Kaleidoscope of the spectrum of Scriptures.

Ekkirala Krishnamacharya

The spiritual anatomy of man is considered from the viewpoint of the wisdom teachings of the East, with constant correspondence to astrological keys, for astrology is one of the seven keys to spiritual wisdom. A detailed investigation of the occult significance of numbers, shapes, colours and sound is included, plus a series of meditations and an indispensable glossary of Sanskrit terms. Spiritual Psychology is a type of reference book to which one can constantly refer.

Healing it the age-old art of mankind. The origin of life includes the origin of the principles of life preservation.

astrologia espiritual ekkirala krishnamacharya biography

Knowledge is the heritage of man and primitive ages were no exception to it. All the ancient nations have their own approach to the Art of Healing. The present age of materialism in medicine has narrowed down the scope of healing but it is a passing through a phase which is necessary before a rediscovery of the ancient truth.

Ekkirala Krishnamachary gave out at different places in the Occident have been gathered and published in this book. This contains all the seeds of the various branches of the Healing Wisdom of the ancients.

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astrologia espiritual ekkirala krishnamacharya biography

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