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Joy doreen biira biography of donald

joy doreen biira biography of donald
One startup wants to light up villages by enabling those with solar panels to share energy with their neighbors. So the use of army for your own gain and the foreign exchange is also well-known. When the truth will surface is unknown as the many victims of the clashes in Kasese.

She grew to host InJoy resumed classes for her degree course in Information Technology and completed the following year. The show breaks down economic matters to its viewers while speaking to drivers of businesses identifying the gaps businesses across Kenya and Africa might have and seeking solutions to these challenges. As Moderator, Biira has hosted events across Africa and beyond.

joy doreen biira biography of donald

Some of the content from her moderation events has been aired on Television shows in the host countries and on shows she hosts. This was precipitated by her arrest in November by Uganda Police for allegedly "crossing the red line" during a military operation against one of the kingdoms in Uganda, the Rwenzururu Kingdom in which over 50 civilians were killed. Joy Doreen Biira has great admiration for nature and the environment, some say she is a passionate Environmentalist.

The project is part of a collective effort to mitigate the effects of global warming. The target was to integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes and reverse the loss of environmental resources.

joy doreen biira biography of donald

Also reduce biodiversity loss, achieving, bya significant reduction in the rate of loss. She runs a blog called Biira Foundation where she majorly blogs opinions on various topical issues [7].

The US Environmental Protection Agency head has said the administration will end the climate plan signed by Trump's predecessor. The Clean Power Plan was designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Germany How long will Germany have to wait for a government? Europe Homophobia in Russia: Business German exports surge in August Send us your feedback. Print Print this page Permalink http: Digging deep to harvest India's rainwater.

Elwelu now, is for me until proven innocent, a man who was in-charge of unlawful attacks on the Royal Palace in Kasese and the massacre of unknown amount of guards, police officers, civilians and others.

Daily Nation

The army commander in charge of the operation, the one that killed innocent and burned the palace without any forewarning is looming the streets. That the army man who was in-charge has since than been promoted, while the families of Kasese does not know the consequence and the reason for their death.

Other than the salaries and that the state sanctioned the army to do this at one point.

joy doreen biira biography of donald

That the Kasese attacks and tragedy escalated quick is easy to understand, that it became is evident and that the army had to hide their crimes with even burning. Since the knowledge of who ordered it and who wanted it come from up-high.

They should have also prayed for the soldiers who killed innocent men and woman on the compound in Kasese. Elwelu made happen with his ordered and persistent attitude during these days of violence.

Elwelu believes poor people can be dangerous is true, but his voice on the matter. As he has poor record of caring about how people has it and how people live. He had no issues with burning and killing in Kasese, he could do the same in Teso, Tooro and Busoga, why not?

I do not trust this man and I can surely not be alone. Elwelu suddenly deserves to be in the public sphere. Not until he has answered and maybe cleared his name for his possible, and most likely crimes against humanity in Kasese in ! The whole last skirmish was dim of justice and real security operation as the Brigadier Peter Elewu and Maj. Muhoozi Kainerugaba cavalry ran into the compound and did their disgraceful acts of vile violence and human rights violations.

The state organizations and their security organizations are secretly about their acts. The same happen to the remaining royal guards also detained there. While this has happen the M23 has crossed from Ugandan territory to the Democratic Republic of Congo, as they have left the barracks and they have even been caught few of them in the Kasese District and Mbarara Region.

There are prospects that could easily fix into a conspiracy as the insurgency and attacks on Rwenzururu Kingdom could be seen as shadow game for the release of the M What are more worrying are the open questions, as of the verified numbers of dead between the army and police force. That was in the days after skirmishes. With the loss of lives to all the royal guards, unknown civilians, police officers and so on. The need for an investigation is clearly there, the army, police force and security organizations who acted vile in Kasese.

As the army intervention have still let the government killings continue, as the post-election violence was created from the Special Force Command, maybe M23 and other operatives in the UPDF. That can be said, as their no clear investigation or intelligence that can be truthful, as the government tries to silence the truth. Their cherry of innocence is long good. Where the media was banned from the premises and the details is only what the government officials spread to the world.

Certainly if the Uganda Police Force could have their will they would have built barracks and roadblocks to Mbira forest to secure that not a living soul get intelligence on the outcome.

So his release was with precautions from the authorities. The famous black-van, the Besigye-Torture vehicle came into the picture.

joy doreen biira biography of donald

The Kasese clashes that even has a verified letter sent to the International Criminal Court. The ICC that Mzee hates because he is afraid that he will be next in line. Omusinga bwa Rwenzururu is the victim that is taken hostage and taken with impunity from the authorities, as the killers and the ones that did the crime walks. If they ever had it… Peace.

As they are all lifted of the Police Wagon and buried in the ground. There is with sadness that so many people are buried, not by their own families and not by their folks as these are remains of their bodies and souls have lost even the humanity of grief as the Police Commanders and Priest are praying over their fall.

While the leaked clips in the recent 48 hours shows the gates opened up in peace when the soldiers arrive before the attacks transpired. Did they just drop dead and arrived on a yellow bus up the hill from a Safe-House around Kampala? Where did they come from; as well as the reported 70 identified Royal Guards that has gotten buried by families and friends. Not been buried on a UPDF Barracks grounds; which is the killers donating dirt to the ones who suffered their demise.

So the numbers of now is more likely to rise again, when the cover-ups are shed lights on as the people talks and the circulated information are coming. But 70 identified, 52 unidentified, 14 Police Officers and plus the unaccounted for is more than 62 by calculation. So the lies are very evident and clear. The Government tries to overshadow the reality and their own shoddy behaviour where they went to burn down a Royal Palace and get rid of a Kingdom. This happens without any for-warning for civilians or anybody else. The worry is how easily this information get pushed around without questions; that the newly buried men are not counted in as it is close to artificial number the Police has offered as fact.

AIGP Kaweesi lies so much, that truths are myths to fellow human being and his existence. All the leaked material shows the disrespectful attack the Police together with the Army and M23 had on the Palace, as well as the Kenyan leaked clips where the Army even buried men alive on the compound.

The Republic is left in the dark when these matters are unsolicited for and are acted upon in this way. The reality is that too many lived died on that weekend and week in question in November The reasoning behind this attack on humanity is still in the wind as the fellow response from the world other than a U.

This kind of acts should make the donors start stuttering for their affiliation with this regime. While the army came in with sophisticated weaponry and rifles, used bombs and burned the palace down to total utter destruction of the Palace.

As they acted more like terrorist, as the Royal Guards as by leaked films greeted and welcomed the army inside.

Meet Joy Doreen Biira

So the truth will overcome the nonsense. Seal of the town of Kasese and evacuate all people and detain a journalist for filming matters. So the matter of consistent disregard for the people Kasese has been from the get-go. The motives and the reasons behind the attacks, can be many or a few… it can be the creations of districts, can be clearing way for the planned military compounds in the district as there been speculated that Museveni wants to re-enter into DRC and the mineral rich areas across the boarders!

But that is all speculation at this point. We cannot know at this point. We cannot see the reason or added reality for the massive attack on humanity that happen at Kasese.

joy doreen biira biography of donald

This is mere fact, but the reason behind the killings, burnings and destruction of a monarchy is still unknown. When the truth will surface is unknown as the many victims of the clashes in Kasese. The truth might be smeared and beholden to few powerful men, but all the dead deserve more than what they getting. These men and woman, these people who lost their own in mere hours that weekend needs answers, need recognition and needs the truth. While the government might need it deeply sealed, because they went all-in without concern of life or justice.

They sent their mercenaries and killed their own. We can all see that because of the staggering numbers of dead that appeared after it all; what is worse they might be wrong and not bring justice to the total dead. Where they terminated so many of the Royal Guards as possible with tehir heavy machine guns and they nearly had none. They are after the clashes used as spin-control by the authorities. Now the RDC of Kasese is claiming another unit of militia. That just springs out of nowhere, like a magic trick out of thin air. They got dealt with all right, they got taken out without court orders or even charges to foil the men who lost their lives, therefore the terrorist claims comes after.

Just like the March and July clashes was sanctioned by the same government, and it was the interference of an Electoral Commission that made the villages burn in Bundibugyo. Something that cannot be forgotten, this is a ploy for the government to clear their name of the violence and killings made in their name and under their leadership. The innocent becomes the culprits and the killers become saviours. Says were killed the Observer, So that the Police Force are now asking for it to not be politicked about after the clashes and let the Security Operatives continue like nothing.

Now it was shooting as much bullets as possible at unarmed Royal Guards and nobody knows how the Police Officers died or if that was accidents made by fellow soldiers inside the sieged Palace.

Because none has delivered a clear story or any report suggesting why the need for excessive force, other than false claims that cannot be verified, sort of like Donald Trumps tweets. A bunch of worthless spin-control, which what the authorities leaves the families of the dead and the one still breathing trying to find the ones missing and the ones who disappeared in the fire of the Palace.

Who knows, but the President who fled when he could to peaceful pastures of South Africa.

joy doreen biira biography of donald

What we can ask is why?

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