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Martie salt biography template

martie salt biography template
Hello Julia, Your videos are a real enjoyement. His down-home charm and weather knowledge have made him the perfect mix of Danny Treanor and Dave Marsh.

First, he was at Channel 2 and anchored NewsCenter 2. He then went to Channel 6, anchoring the 11 p. He came from Miami and brought some big-city polish with him.

martie salt biography template

A self-described space buff, he loved to broadcast shuttle launches from the space center during his nearly 10 years at the station. He left to move his family to North Carolina to take a slower approach to life.

During the first sweeps after his departure, his new life was the subject of a series of reports on WESH. He returned to Orlando to anchor the 5 p.

There she is with Chelsea in tow. During his tenure, he was a political and general assignment reporter as well as a part-time anchor. He joined Channel 9 in as a weatherman, then switched to full-time entertainment reporting in when everyone forecast Orlando to become Hollywood East.

He would work at the station for 16 years, leaving the air in December when he was diagnosed with throat cancer. He died the following March at age He left the station in to start an Internet site,GrowingBolder. He replaced Buddy Pittman as sports anchor at Channel 6 — and was about as different from Buddy as you could get. Turns out, she just needed to wait another nine years. But he did more than sports.

Cutout Cookie Gingerbread

He was with WESH for 30 years and held several jobs, including news director. A meteorologist, Richards arrived at Channel 9 in and would spend 10 years at the station before being bounced during a makeover involving three-quarters of the Channel 9 anchor team. Tom Terry grew up watching the weather broadcasters in Oklahoma and decided at a young age that he wanted to be one of them. Terry started out in Central Florida in as the morning meteorologist on Channel 6.

After several years, he switched to Channel 9, again working the morning shift. When news director Bob Jordan decided the Eyewitness News anchor team needed a makeover, he bumped Terry up to chief meteorologist in January His down-home charm and weather knowledge have made him the perfect mix of Danny Treanor and Dave Marsh. He went on to earn his stripes during the summer of hurricanes.

Pete Forgione was another golden oldie for Orlando TV. He also did the weather on the 11 p. In conservative Central Florida, JoAnn Bauer was an unusual choice for a solo anchor to start a newscast. A woman, and not a man? Orlando had indeed come a long way from when Carole Nelson broke the anchor desk barrier for women in She stayed with the station for three years — eventually getting Brad Stephens as her co-anchor when the newscast expanded to an hour.

He was also the first Black in any news department in Florida. He was hired a week before Dave Marsh. Please enlighten me about him and his role with the station.

Carole Nelson Just call her the first lady of Central Florida television. Dave Marsh He is Mr. Marla Weech Marla Weech and Bob Opsahl teamed to form one of the most successful anchor duos in the nation. Don McAllister Before the theme parks arrived, a lot of Central Floridians spent their time hunting and fishing. Frank Vaught The Atlantic Weatherman? Nancy Stillwell Nancy Who? Buddy Pittman Everybody knows two things about Buddy Pittman.

Dan Billow If you have a question about the space program, Dan Billow is your man. Nickie Sarner She started her year television career at Channel 6 in as a broadcast pioneer.

Scott Harris Scott has been reporting the news in Central Florida since the s. Mike James You could call him the first modern sportscaster in Central Florida. Steve Rondinaro He came from Miami and brought some big-city polish with him.

However, on November 21,the station began airing the late-night talk show and now airs almost the entire ABC schedule with little preemption. The station began carrying the Saturday edition of Good Morning America in the beginning of July along with its sister stations in Atlanta and Charlotte. The same Cox-owned ABC affiliated had preempted the movie Unforgiven inalthough it was because the movie aired opposite the fifth game of the World Series in which Andy Pettitte of the New York Yankees shut out the Atlanta Braves and not because of any violence in the movie.

martie salt biography template

WFTV presently broadcasts 42 hours of locally produced newscasts each week with six hours each seven days a week ; in addition, the station produces a half-hour sports highlight program called Sports Night on 9that airs on Sunday evenings after the 11 p. In regards to the number of hours devoted to news programming, it is the highest local newscast output of any television station in the Orlando market. WFTV plans to upgrade the radar's power to one million watts, that would make it the second most powerful radar in central Florida WOFL's also operating at one million watts.

In fact, during much of the first half ofWFTV's dominance was not as absolute as it had been in the past decade or so even though it continues to lead in most timeslots. However, in the November sweeps period, WFTV regained its dominance over the other stations in the market. It has been one of ABC's strongest affiliates over the years. However, WFTV finished in third place in the to demographic at 11 p. The main anchor duo on Eyewitness NewsBob Opsahl and Martie Salt, have been together on-air for over 15 years, from to and again since Opsahl has been the primary anchor at WFTV since Some flavoring is always needed with royal icing though, in my opinion.

Good day, I am from South Africa and we struggle to get shortening. Can I substitute with butter and if yes how much. I tried to translate the text of the recipe below and could not understand what the two words marked with uppercase letter below:.

The latter is boiled sugar cane syrup, a dark, rich brown sweetener, which also adds color. This recipe is for normal cookies??

Or is a special recipe only for 3D cookies?? I found another recipe that you can use. That would be my question. I use this recipe for normal flat cookies as well; it works well for 3-D but also for 2-D.

martie salt biography template

I have several other recipes that I use for rolled cookies too, but they are not published online; they are only available for sale in my books and app. Those recipes can also work for 3-D cookies, though they tend to spread and crack more unless some of the leavening is removed.

Now that I know the amazing things that can be done with the dough, I will have to step up my game for ! Thanks for the inspiration. Hi Julia, I live in a small town in South of India.

The shops here do not have mollasses. Can I substitute with honey? Or is their anyother substitute? I suspect the dough would be softer and spread more. They have very different flavors and water content, so the recipe may not perform the same way with this substitution, but all I can suggest is to try it. Some sources suggest it will be fine, but every recipe is different. At some point in the future, I may test this recipe with substitutions for both the molasses and shortening, which can both be difficult to find in other countries, but I am not sure when I will do this. My sugar cookie dough is also strong enough for 6-inch cookies.

If your cookies are too delicate, it could be due to any number of things: I admire your work. It has a higher water content and so the dough will be softer and spread more.

martie salt biography template

You really need molasses for this recipe. Yesterday I try this recipe and gotta make the molasses myself. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge. Oh, Katty, so thrilled to hear of your success - and thanks for the kind words and for watching my eduK class! Hi Julia, thk u soooooo much for sharing your unbelievable talent, totally loving it. Edite - Wow, thanks so much for the very kind words.

Julia, just one question, what is the reason you use 2 tablespoons white vinegar in the recipe? What is the benefit of using vinegar in the recipe? Hi, Gabriela, Vinegar is an acid, and acid is NEEDED to activate the baking soda in the recipe, so that it acts as a leavener and causes the dough to rise a bit. Without it, the dough would be very dense.

Icing the pieces also helps to give them strength. Hi I love your cookie and icing technics, I am a cake decorator so usually work with fondant rather than Royal icing. After reading previous comments about molasses substitutes I hope this helps: The trickiest oz to gm conversion the flour has already been done and is indicated in the recipe above. Yes, I think coconut oil would be a good substitute here, though I have only tested this substitution in some of my other recipes.

Though coconut oil often has a strong coconut smell and flavor naturallyso you may detect it in more delicate doughs. Hi Julia - I love your cookies and your website and have made and used royal icing successfully watching your videos. Would it be possible for you to provide metric conversions for the gingerbread cookie. I googled but there are so many different answers that I just gave up. Hi, Anandi, Thanks so much! Hi, Carmen, my recipe already calls for shortening, not butter - so, of course, using shortening would be fine!

If you were to use butter, and not change anything else in the recipe, the cookies would spread more, as butter has a lower melting point and higher water content than shortening. Butter is not a good substitute for shortening. Can I use it? Is there any other ingredient to replace the molasses? I know the molasses in Brazil is different - it seems to have a higher water content, because when I make the dough with it, the cookies expand and spread more.

But it should be a reasonably good substitute in this recipe. Your dough might just come out a touch richer in flavor and perhaps a bit drier if your molasses is more reduced and has a lower water content. Thanks, Diana and Melouka, I really appreciate your kind words and I look forward to seeing your creations!

When will your book be back in publishing? I have tried every book store on line. I am a disabled Vet who,wants to make some of your cookies for the Vets facility here in Michigan. Was wondering if yiu can do the 3d with sugar cookies instead of gingerbread.

Do I need to change the recipe so it keeps it shape? Lynn, First, thanks for your interest in Ultimate Cookies. Have you tried booksamillion.

martie salt biography template

Last I looked, it still had some of my books. I am currently looking for another publisher to re-print the book, but there is no guarantee that this will happen. Hi, Eileen, yes, you can use my sugar cookie recipe for 3-D cookies, but it tends to spread and crack more, so the recipe is best if modified for those purposes.

I usually decrease the leavening by half, and sometimes add more flour. Hi just a quick questionthe recipe says one cup then one stick in brackets One stick is 4ozs? One cup is 8ozs not sure what measurement is correct Thanks so muchLeigh -Aire. Sorry for the confusion. So the 1 cup or 1 8-ounce stick measurement is indeed correct. Hithanks so much for all your wonderful workyou are a genius! Can you freeze your cut out gingerbread dough? Thank you so much.

martie salt biography template

Good day dear Julia. I just love your style in making all your projects. I find them unique. Im trying my best english. I have only two question about the cokkies ingredients. The first can i use maple syrup instead of mild molasses? I just cant find it in my country. Second the shortening you use is hydrogenated? Because i just found one that it isnt. Thank you very much.

Some people have said they have successfully substituted honey, but I suspect they ended up with more spreading as well. If you do the latter, chances are you would need to add more flour to offset the effects of the higher water content.

As for the shortening, yes, what I use is hydrogenated. The hydrogenation process increases the melting point of the fat, which also contributes to less cookie spreading. If you use an unhydrogenated fat or butter, you can expect to see more spreading. I have made the cokkies with all your ingredients and they are just fantastic. Finally i found all those ingredients! Thank you very much Julia and if you have a team behind helping you thanks for them too!

Its just fantastic how you try to answer every question from around the world. It says a lot about your quality as human being. People help the people! Kisses for you from Peru. Have a beautiful live. Thanks for your kind words. One of the greatest joys I get from what I do is meeting people from all over the world who share a common love of baking and decorating, so I answer every question that I see; sometimes alerts from certain sites never get to me myself. I have a small team that helps with shooting and editing my videos, and others who contribute content to my Cookie Connection site, but other than that, I do everything myself.

Retro WFTV Christmas Greeting 1980's Danny Treanor Martie Salt Pat Clark

Hi Julia i hope you are good! Well I made the cookies and the royal icing.

The cookies were just perfect, the taste and the texture. Then i put the royal icing on top with the overcoating consistency and let it dry all night. So my question is how can i do in order to avoid this to happen and to have the crunchy texture even after hours of drying the royal icing on top.

martie salt biography template

I have read that you leave them dry without covering them so what can i do. Thanks a lot dear Julia for your time and wisdom. Yes, you want to leave them to dry uncovered if you cover them, they will only get softer, as the icing will take longer to set. The cookies will soften a bit next to wet icing, but to minimize this you can do a few things: Thanks a lot Julia.

A huge hug for you and your patience! Roberto, I will keep an eye out for them on Cookie Connection, but it may be a few days or more before I see them, as I am traveling out of the country over the next 10 days. Hi, Lynie, No, I sell nothing from this site other than my own products books, app and cutter sets.

I think I mentioned that my sources are all listed in links in the video descriptions on YouTube. But, I usually though not always get my stencils from Designer Stencils www. Sign in using you account with: Already have an account?

Orlando TV’s Golden 50 List

Why are we asking this? Thank you for registering! Sign in to complete account merge. Thanks for verifying your email address. Jun 26, - Martie Salt Orlando woman arrested in drug overdose death, Longwood police say Judge denies bail for Lake County man accused of drowning toddler Hurricane Irma:

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