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Omm sety biography for kids

omm sety biography for kids
In this period, she reported having visions related to Hor-Ra. Kent Weeks wrote that scholars have "never doubted the accuracy of Omm Sety's field observations.

She worked for an Egyptian interest magazine in London, where she met a young visiting Egyptian student.

The Mysterious Reincarnation of Omm Sety

The marriage lasted only two years and Dorothy was on her own. When he retired she worked for the Pyramid Research Project at Dasher. During this time she would decipher and transcribe the hieroglyphics and point the archaeologists in places she thought they would find something significant. She was always right and no one knew how she knew.

Selim Hassan and a few chosen others, was that not only did she remember her previous life in Egypt, but at night she would be visited by the solid-appearing spirit of the Pharaoh Seti I. So who was Dorothy Eady in a past life to merit nightly visitations from the spirit of a famous, yet very dead, pharaoh?

She came from a poor peasant family who gave her in offering to the Temple at Abydos when she was a young child to be tutored in the ways of the priesthood. Abydos is in northern Upper Egypt and has been a sacred site to the Egyptians since predynastic times.

Abydos is the cult center for Osiris, god of the dead. Dorothy recalls, as Bentreshyt, spending many hours of quiet contemplation in a beautiful tree-filled garden at Abydos. He saw the young initiate in the garden and struck up a conversation with her. Whenever he would visit the temple he would seek out Bentreshyt, and over time the two developed a close relationship. Eventually, they became secret lovers, something forbidden to a temple initiate. The inevitable happened and Bentreshyt became pregnant. She feared telling anyone it was her true love, the Pharaoh Seti.

omm sety biography for kids

Before Seti could learn of her pregnancy, Bentreshyt committed suicide to protect her secret. The next time Seti visited, he inquired about the whereabouts of his young love. He was informed she was gone and nothing else. Apparently, as the story goes, Seti grieved the sudden loss of Bentreshyt. He vowed to search to the ends of the earth to find her again. Shortly afterwards she began to have another set of recurrent dreams, where she was a young Egyptian girl in a room full of other women, and then in an underground chamber where she was being questioned by an older man.

She also started sleepwalking and her parents had her committed several times for short stays in a mental institution for observation. It was there that she met a young Egyptian man, called Imam Abdel Meguid, who was in England to study. When he returned to Egypt they wrote to each other, and eventually he proposed marriage. She arrived in Egypt in and married Imam. She swiftly became pregnant and gave birth to a son whom she called Sety, much to the distress of her parents who thought that the child should have been called George.

Her Early Life in Egypt.

omm sety biography for kids

Her husband, who was by this time rather confused and embarrassed by her behaviour, was even more bewildered when she started to get out of her bed in the middle of the night and write down messages in hieroglyphics. According to the messages she had been a young girl of humble origins who had been given to the temple at Abydos to serve the goddess Isis. One day she met the pharaoh Seti I in the garden, when he was on a tour inspecting the progress of the building of the temple, and they fell in love.

They met secretly, as even the Pharaoh was not permitted to romance a priestess vowed to the temple. In time Bentreshyt became pregnant and their secret was out. She was questioned severely by Antef, and she eventually told him who the father of her child was. The punishment for her crime was death, so Bentreshyt decided to commit suicide rather than drag her royal lover into a great scandal.

Omm Sety - Priestess of Abydos (Documentary)

Her Arrival at Abydos. Her husband reclaimed their son when he was five years old, and Dorothy began to build up a menagerie of dogs, cats, donkeys, snakes, geese and other birds.

omm sety biography for kids

She returned for a couple of weeks inbut was finally offered a job as a draughtsman at Abydos in During her time in Egypt, Dorothy had continued to receive nocturnal visits from her royal lover and by her account they had a full and passionate physical relationship. The Irish-born young woman had only one dream, to return to ancient Egypt, to the world she once lived in.

Do you believe in reincarnations? Millions of people from all over the world believe strongly in the phenomenon of reincarnation. Interestingly, there are cases where some individuals seem to remember exactly who they were in their previous lives. When Dorothy Eady arrived in Egypt for the first time, it was obvious that she had been there before. Only the last visit to Egypt was thousands of years earlier!! Dorothy Louise Eady was a normal, was born on January 16,in London, cheerful and lively child until the age of 3.

But a terrible accident has changed his destiny. Playing on the stairwell, he fell from a height and struck so hard he lost consciousness.

omm sety biography for kids

He was breathless for a few minutes, while ambulance doctors had to declare her dead. Transported to the hospital, the little girl was again subjected to resuscitation techniques, and as if by heart her heart started to beat.

The Mysterious Reincarnation of Omm Sety- A woman that ‘proved’ to have lived in ancient Egypt

Dorothy has fully recovered. It was a miracle for parents and one of the happiest days in their lives. Some years later, however, they would have to face serious problems that they could not ignore as a childhood accident.

Early in school, Dorothy was fascinated by ancient history and Egyptian-related stories, pyramids, and pharaohs. Parents encouraged her passion and took her to the British Museum to see the collection of artifacts and mummies brought from the halls dedicated to Egypt. The parents of the little girl realized that she behaves strangely. As soon as they reached the section devoted to Egyptian art, Dorothy remained stunned and transfigured. She could not get away from the artifacts and looking at a mummy for a long time, not wanting to go home again.

Dorothy Eady

Parents also noticed that the child ran to a statue, turned around her and kissed her legs. George will appear and pierce the patient's foot from which the demon will depart.

Omm Sety – A British Woman Whose Life Was Lined by Reincarnation and Connected to a Pharaoh

Omm Sety believed in the curative powers of water from certain holy places. She would heal herself by jumping into the sacred pool in the Osireion fully clothed. Friends report how she not only healed herself but others using this method.

A baby brought to her by distraught parents because of breathing difficulties recovered after using water from the Osireion. Along with Kent Weeksshe was interested in and very knowledgeable on the subject of folk medicine. He notes that treatments used today can be traced back through ancient Egyptian texts which associate the particular trees used with goddesses such as Hathor and Isis.

Al-Maqrizi recorded that after a fanatical shaykh disfigured the face of the Sphinx the cultivated land around Giza was invaded and covered with sand. A common belief amongst village people relates to a "bogeyman" and "terrorist," called Ba Bah, and compares with the obscure ancient Egyptian god Bwbi who similarly invoked terror.

Omm Sety noted that the villagers were ignorant of the ancient Egyptian mystery play, once enacted at Abydos, involving a Neshmet boat. The villagers, obliviously, observed the apparition where there had once been a sacred lake.

Popular customs associated with Easter, observed by both Copts and Muslims, were considered by her to probably originate in ancient Egypt. On "Job Wednesday," during the week preceding Easter Sunday, a bath is taken and the body scrubbed with a plant, " Egyptian Amaranath ", called ghabira by the Muslims, and damissa by the Copts.

omm sety biography for kids

They believe that Job of the Bible was cured from his leprosy by similar means. In the absence of any scriptural authority for this event, she speculates that it is based on the Pyramid texts in which the same plant is used by the King to purify himself. Between December and January the month of Koiak in both ancient Egyptian and Coptic calendarsMuslims and Copts, but mainly the latter, sow small gardens which are thought to bring prosperity to the household when they sprout.

Omm Sety believed that this originates with the ancient Egyptian practice of sowing "Osiris Gardens" and "Osiris Beds" during the month of Kiahk.

omm sety biography for kids

The sprouting vegetation symbolised resurrection. Omm Sety detailed many other modern practices transmitted down from ancient times in short articles written between and These were edited and published by the Egyptologist Nicole B. Hansen inunder the title "Omm Sety's Living Egypt: On reaching the age of sixty inOmm Sety was faced with mandatory retirement by the Antiquities Department and advised to seek part-time work in Cairo.

The Antiquities Department decided to make an exception to their retirement age rules and allowed her to continue her work at Abydos for a further five years, until she retired in She began work as a part-time consultant for the Antiquities Department, guiding tourists around the Temple of Seti and explaining the symbolism of the painted wall scenes. Ahmed Soliman, the son of the onetime keeper of the Temple of Seti, built a simple mudbrick house adjacent to his family home where Omm Sety moved and lived as part of the Soliman family. During this visit Seti described the one and only time he saw the god Sethis namesake.

As a prelude to meeting Set he fasted for ten days before entering the Chapel of the Great Strength, where the god appeared with "a beauty that cannot be described". On sensing that he was the spirit of all that was cruel and evil, Seti fled to the sound of mocking laughter from the god, never to serve Set again. He counselled that "one should not serve an evil being, even if it appears to have a good or useful attribute or function. Omm Seti got to know all the leading Egyptologists of her day during her stay in Abydos.

Lanny Bell and William Murnane from Chicago House recalled going "up to Abydos to see Omm Sety, have tea in her place" and then view the temples with her.

John Romer recalled taking a bottle of vodka to her home and Omm Sety having fun telling the slightly more ribald stories of the gods and goddesses. She regarded him, in common with other Egyptologists, as "the most slandered of all the pharaohs" because of biblically derived accounts describing him as the Pharaoh of the Oppression and the slaughterer of baby boys, traits which are contradicted by contemporary records. He said that there was "a certain truth in her familial approach" and that she "came to all sorts of perfectly sensible conclusions about the actual, objective material of the Sety Temple.

The Search for Akhenaten. Donald Redfordwho had led a team that recently unearthed material relating to the reign of Akhenaten, asked Omm Sety to appear in the film. She, in common with other Egytologists, didn't regard the king as a romantic idealist dedicated to a universal god, but a "one-track minded, authoritarian iconoclast who impaled captives and deported populations. Featuring interviews with Egyptologists T.

omm sety biography for kids

James and Rosalie David, it described Abydos and the excavations that had been undertaken. It had extensive input from Omm Sety, who used crutches due to her deteriorating health.

The Times wrote of the documentary: Could I be absolutely positive it was all a lot of eyewash? Of course I couldn't. And neither will you be able to. In any case, it makes marvellous television. Shooting took place in Marchcoinciding with Omm Sety's seventy-seventh birthday party at Chicago House, which was filmed.

She was in a lot of pain but full of good cheer, and the film crew carried her up to the Temple of Seti for filming.

omm sety biography for kids

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