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Max baer actor biography clint

max baer actor biography clint
His career on the wane, he served as a pivotal step toward credibility for a young phenom named Joe Louis. The only thing people know about him is nothing but lies. Besides his son, plenty of Americans still vividly remember when Baer Sr.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Up this week. Known around the world as "Jethro Bodine" in the smash TV series The Beverly HillbilliesBaer did not find work as an actor in Hollywood for three years after the Hillbillies went off the air.

Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Who would you have cast in as Batman? Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Max Baer Jr. Trooper Boone Willoughby as Max Baer. Johnny Wheeler as Max Baer. The Campbell fight would change all that forever.

The fight took place on Aug. It was recognized as a Western American elimination bout for possible heavyweight title contention. Many of the former champions were there to see the mythical new god of the ring. Baer was the bigger of the two men. Campbell was faster, but could punch too. For five rounds, Baer took advantage of his larger size and power. In round five, he slipped at the end of a Campbell left.

Max went down, and the referee called it "no knockdown. Thinking it was a legitimate knockdown, he started walking toward the neutral corner. Max got up quickly and ran after him. The punches were inescapable.

One after another they showered in, each causing irreparable damage. Then, as Baer viciously pursued, he threw that one last fatal punch as Campbell lay trapped between the upper ropes. As Frankie Campbell went down, so did Baer's heart, will, and spirit as he stood nearby. His eyes were widened by a fear he had never before felt, more nauseating than any fear he had of being bullied when a kid. It was almost as if he knew what had just happened was more than just a knockout. And he started to feel sick, overcome by that unmistakable feeling that something was dreadfully wrong.

Baer followed the ambulance as it sped to Mission Hospital. Outside the operating room, he sat silently, nervously, with his chin resting on his folded hands.

His lips were moving as if in silent prayer, or maybe just words of disbelief to himself. Sitting across from him was Campbell's wife.

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The thoughts of what was happening were now too heavy for young Baer to carry. The tears cascaded down his face, each one carried by pain, each one beating down on his lap. As one man lay dying inside the hospital room, Max Baer sat outside with the full-winged spirit of his promise already dead.

Campbell's wife, seeing Max's uncontrolled despair, got up and sat next to him. It's not your fault. The pain would continue, day after day, night after night - a pain that would hurt more than any punch he threw, or any punch he received. It was a pain that refused to die until he himself would die. Frankie Campbell's entire brain had been disengaged and left floating in his cranium. The charges were later dropped. There is a photo of Baer standing beside his attorney in front of the judge during his appeal. The look on Baer's face was beyond solemnity. It was an expression born of unrelenting anguish.

He was finally acquitted, but he was prohibited from boxing in the state of California for one year. During the four months that followed the tragic end of Frankie Campbell, Baer decided to quit boxing. But through the urging of his manager, Ancil Hoffman, and others around him, Max decided to return to the ring.

max baer actor biography clint

If for nothing else, he needed to revisit the birth place of his demons, and lose them to find himself once again. Upon his return to the ring, it was easy to see this was not the same man who once trained so seriously and enjoyed the sport with such boyish unrestraint. And it showed in his next six performances, four of which he lost to men who would have fallen to his mighty fists beforehand.

In all of those fights, Baer seemed insipid, himself a cadaver still breathing. Around this time, former heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey took a liking to Baer, and decided he would invest his time as a much-needed mentor to the young fighter. But something else was happening at this time aside from Dempsey entering into the picture.

Baer started to act like a self-deprecating clown, and in short time became an over-the-top cartoon of himself. For a short time, it seemed like Baer was starting to put the Campbell incident in perspective and to show signs of resurgence.

He was then given a rematch with Ernie Schaaf, who had beaten a mind-burdened Max by a decision in his next fight after the Campbell tragedy. Despite the beating he was giving Schaaf, there were moments when Max looked like he was holding back again. It was close to the end of the 10th and final round, when all of a sudden, POW! Max triggered a right cross that carried incredible force.

The target was the side of Schaaf's head. Schaaf went down like someone hit him with a metal bat. For three long minutes, the ring doctor and Schaaf's corner men worked on him. And for three long minutes, Baer felt like the fiery bowels of hell were once again within him.

But Schaaf, unlike Frankie Campbell, regained consciousness. Only six months later, in a fight with then-heavyweight contender and future champion, the pathetic Primo Carnera, Schaaf collapsed for no apparent reason in the 13th round.

He died of the same injuries sustained by Frankie Campbell - a brain loosened and dislodged from its connecting tissue. He died from injuries sustained from the punches he received from Max Baer. If Baer's descent into a lost paradise started the night of the Frankie Campbell fight, then hearing of Ernie Schaaf's similar death quickened his fall. And he fell, face down into his own creation of purgatory. He took up smoking. He was never a drunk, but womanizing became more of an escape, a psychological need more so than a sexual one.

max baer actor biography clint

He was desperately looking for a place within himself to hide. But the demons were too strong, and too many. And he couldn't resist them. But even they couldn't erase the indelible haunting of one man's mind. Later in life, when Baer would watch fights on TV, he never reacted. He would just stare vacantly at the set while his sons, Max Jr. On a summer afternoon inat a neighborhood barber shop in Sacramento, Max was standing up from getting his hair trimmed. His wife Mary Ellen was nearby. As the barber was sweeping hairs off Max's shirt, there was a little boy who was listening to his mother whisper something in his ear.

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The little boy walked up to the barber's chair and looked up. He knelt to one knee to look at the boy at face level, and said. He wore the look of a wounded soul. His lower lip trembled, and he quickly covered his mouth with his hand. He drew a hard breath and stood up. His wife raced to him, and with her arm locked in his guided him to their car.

max baer actor biography clint

On the ride home, Max tried to choke back his emotions, his words broken and aching. His face was washed over with tears that could no longer cleanse or heal. Though his wife was seated next to him, he was talking to no one, and to everyone. I didn't mean it. I didn't do it on purpose. It was an accident. What did his mother Why don't they tell him? I didn't mean to It was an accident His heart finally surrendered to a death he had been dying since After the death of Ernie Schaaf, Max's worst punching day was still much better than most men's best; but in the era that produced the superior Joe Louis, that wouldn't be enough.

He generated enough short-term ferocity to beat any thoughts of anti-Semitism out of a then-thought-to-be Arian race disciple and former heavyweight champion Max Schmeling - a superb athlete who would later annihilate a young Joe Louis. But even in his fight with Schmeling, Baer held back. Shakily rising to his feet after crashing to the ring floor from Baer's torpedo-straight right in the tenth round, Schmeling was knocked into the ropes by another Baer attack.

Instead of going in for the kill like he did as an unassuming enthusiastic youngster in the sport, Baer stepped away and quickly turned to referee Donovan, saying, "C'mon man This looks like the end He finally won the championship, giving Primo Carnera an round conveyer ride through a slaughterhouse.

But even in knocking Carnera down 11 times and finally stopping him, Baer was not at all serious. He fooled around, talking to celebrities at ringside while holding Carnera. And after a quick conversation, Max would knock the champion down again, just waiting for him to get up just to mess around with him some more. The pre-Frankie Campbell Baer of would have cut Carnera down in just a few no-nonsense rounds In the first defense of his newly won championship title, Max had a broken hand, and a broken will against Jimmy Braddock - the "Cinderella Man" - who was nicknamed so because of his unbelievable decision win over Baer, whom the majority thought would literally kill his opponent.

Then, against Joe Louis, Baer broken hand hadn't healed. By the time the fight started, the Novocain had worn off and Baer was in panic. His best weapon was useless. Most reporters and fans mistook his panic and lousy performance against a prime Louis as an act of fear.

It was fear all right. The same fear one would have in a war when you finally realize you're out of ammunition and the enemy is standing over your fox hole. As a result, Louis used him as a punching bag, and Baer, who could take a lot of punishment, voluntarily dropped to one knee and just listened until referee Arthur Donovan counted to 10 in the fourth round. Then he got up and left, to the unfeeling boos of the crowd. Writers like Ed Sullivan later of TV variety show fame and Ernest Hemingway brutally wrote Baer off as a shameful coward and a despicable excuse for a fighter.

After two embarrassing back-to-back fights, Max's time, which by then seemed like no time at all, was over. The boyish man, who not so long before would daringly hang his chin out for opponents to hit, was now walking a treacherous tightrope. This young Samson, who reportedly knocked a full-grown cow down to its knees with one right hand punch to the top of the head on his dad's farm, was now one of the herd himself.

Baer's inner torment was channeled through to his social life. Sure, he was a womanizer. Was he an abuser of women?

Max Baer, Jr.

He treated his female companions like royalty. But his true love was with Mary Ellen and their three children. As for his many female friends, Max claimed, "I don't buy them furs because I love them.

Buddy was sitting there, waiting and down near ringside. All of a sudden, this guy comes in, and he sits down next to him, he's got a robe on it and everything. But my dad was just real easy, just like nothing was going on, just sitting there in his robe and his shorts and Buddy was very excited because of the fact that A My dad sat down there and B Years later, the coincidence that he would star in the series with his son. Buddy was more of a surrogate father to me, because my dad had died in '59 and this was '62; and he Buddy kinda took over, the same age as my dad; both about the same time and he knew my dad pretty well.

So, it was pretty easy for Buddy and I to become close. I would go down there and he would teach me to sail on his 36 ft. He said, 'When the boat comes about,' He said, 'You'll pull it on a lynch. He had some little places he would take me to and sometimes in lunch, he would have a little dinner with George and George will cook for him in his dressing room and he would have lunch with him.

We didn't have too much in the afternoon, because it was a 2 martini lunch; cause if he had to remember some lines, he'd have a 1 martini lunch and if he had to remember lines, it was 1, if he didn't have a lot of lines, in the afternoon, he may have 2, and that was pretty much it.

Max Baer Jr.

I knew he had his clothes on, so, Granny and Elly May came up and the ideal was for Granny and me to pull down his covers and say, 'See, he ain't sick, Granny,' and I pulled it down, and he got this thing, sticking out of his crotch about a foot long, 2 ft. Everybody laugh, except Donna. Donna said, 'That's nasty!

max baer actor biography clint

Who would you have cast in as Batman? With the death of co-star Donna DouglasBaer is the only surviving cast member. Following the cancellation of The Beverly Hillbillies inBaer made numerous guest appearances on television, but he quickly found his acting career hampered on the "small screen" by typecasting. He therefore began to concentrate on working in feature motion picturesespecially behind the camera, writing, producing and directing. It was the highest-grossing movie per dollar invested at the time.

max baer actor biography clint

This record lasted until The Blair Witch Project broke it in Baer then had the idea of using the title of a popular song as a movie title, so he acquired the rights to Bobbie Gentry 's hit song to produce the film Ode to Billy Joewhich he also directed. Since the success of Ode to Billy Joethe motion picture industry has produced more than song-title movies. Baer decided to pursue the rights to the hit song " Like a Virgin ", recorded by the singer Madonna in He directed the comedy Hometown U. He still makes occasional guest appearances on television. Baer has said that playing Jethro Bodine sank his acting career.

When Paul Henning asked him to reprise the role for a television movie, he declined.

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