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Olu maintain biography of abraham

olu maintain biography of abraham
A video posted by Ifeoma donnellebeauty on Nov 12, at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I just laughed when I read it.

Retrieved 16 June Retrieved from " https: Living people births Nigerian male singer-songwriters Nigerian male pop singers Nigerian hip hop singers English-language singers of Nigeria Yoruba-language singers Musicians from Lagos Yoruba musicians 21st-century Nigerian musicians Nigerian music industry executives Ibadan Polytechnic alumni.

Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 30 Aprilat The song has nothing to do with yahoo, yahoo. It has made me an ambassador for giving people visas. As a result of the song, I have a very good relationship with diplomats who love the song. The song has rewarded me greatly. That is my way of paying tithes to the streets. So, whatever I am paid at a show, I give some to the people.

If I am paid N2 million, I will spray N, It is either I spray the cash or give out something I have on me, like my belt, which may cost much more. Recently, I gave out my blings at a concert. They cost thousands of pounds. I am human, very sensitive. But there is a thin line between seeing a man as being arrogant and being envious or jealous of the man. It is the natural state of the human being to be selfish.

olu maintain biography of abraham

Arrogance is a matter of perception. You can only do your best and leave the rest. I always try not to point an accusing finger at anybody because all the other four are pointing at me.

I have not spent 14 days at a stretch in this country since November last year.

olu maintain biography of abraham

It has been impossible for me to move into my house. I travel out of the country and when I come back, I spend like four days in different states and travel back.

I have bought a house, a three-bedroom apartment in Anthony area of Lagos. But I have not moved in yet. I have very sensitive taste when it comes to interior decoration, so I like to be there when it is decorated.

#ThrowBack: Olu Maintain – Story Of My Life

But because I am not always around, I can't get that done. It's not by choice that I have not moved into my house yet. Yes, I am not the only busy Nigerian artiste, but everybody has their own schedule.

For me, things are now at the peak. I may decide to move into somewhere else. Kentro World is a group made up of people that have been with me over the years, but behind the scene. The basis of forming Kentro World is to reward their loyalty towards me over the years. I feel this is a platform for stars to be born. I see Kentro World as a promotion for the boys. I see it as a way of showing appreciation to them, giving them a chance to be stars, and extending my legacy as an artiste.

I have per cent confidence in them that they can make it. We were in a studio in London and there was this instrumental we were doing. The producer introduced the Saxophone beat on the keyboard and it just changed the route of that instrumental from Hip Hop to Afro beat, which gave birth to this concept of merging Hip Hop and Afro beat. We decided to bring in the king of Afro beat on that track. We thought he would turn us down, as he hadn't done this before. We went to the shrine when we got back to the country. We approached his sister and she told him and he accepted.

He agreed that we should record it in the country and work with our time frame. We recorded the song Lady. I titled it Lady because I wanted it to be similar to the song about the African woman sung by his father. It has opened a lot of doors. People now see me as someone that has matured.

olu maintain biography of abraham

It has expanded my fan base. When you do a collabo with someone of Femi Kuti's calibre, it makes people see you from a different perspective. We are planning to shoot the video. For me, a duet should be because there is a fundamental reason for wanting to blend two different brands, and that is what I am trying to show to the world. Just like I said, acting is something I loved to do right from my childhood. I could remember vividly, I liked standing in from of the mirror as a child and I will start dancing, walking and doing some other funny things.

So, I think anything entertainment has been deposited in me since I was born. First, it is God.

First Look! Star Comedian Akpororo & Josephine Abraham’s Wedding

It is not that common, but it happens. You know everything in this life is to the best knowledge of God. Whenever He says something should happen, it will definitely be. If He says this is what I want, it will just happen without you knowing and nobody can change it.

Then, secondly, the acceptance of Nnenna by the fans was miraculous. It all boils down to the fact that God is in control because if not for my fans and God Almighty who is above all things, who am I?

olu maintain biography of abraham

I would say fame is the greatest challenge I am facing right now, because when fame comes, your privacy will definitely be interrupted. I have no cause to regret being an actress, especially when you are with Wale Adenuga Productions. I have not gone outside Wale Adenuga Productions. I am being restricted by Wale Adenuga Productionsbut at times when some scripts come, I might have been on location with the Wale Adenuga Productions crew. The bottom line is that I am not so much in a hurry to go outside Wale Adenuga Productions.

Or is the wife Yoruba?

Story Of My Life - Olu Maintain

The beads that she had on were waaayyy too much, almost made me cringe, These new age couples be confusing the heck out of people with their Trad outfits. Comments on social media is a clear indication of why Africans or should I say Nigerians are so backward.

We need to change the way we think.

olu maintain biography of abraham

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olu maintain biography of abraham

Nneka November 14, at 8: Charles November 14, at 4: Nnechi Spicy November 14, at 5: Pretty November 14, at 5: Wow, congrats to Akpororo and his beautiful wife, i wish them all the best in marriage. He looks cute on the first picture,for the first time he denied his teeth fresh air. Tee November 14, at 5:

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