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Anna starkey biography

anna starkey biography
Their children were Addison B. The Complete Series 12 Archived PDF from the original on 11 November

He and four of his sons in law were effective Union soldiers. Erastus married Sarah J. Theyhad several children, one of whom died a Union soldier. They have two children, Mary and Ida. He was a soldier of They were New England people and a family of intelligence.

Greville Starkey

Both the parents were buried at Eddytown nearly half a century since. Their children were, William R. He lived on the farm now owned by William E. Their children were James,George, Ann and Eliza. He has been DeputyCounty clerk of Monroe county during the life of one generation withoutinterruption. She died in Alexander was a physician and a leadingcitizen of Rochester. In hewas a member of Assembly form Monroe county.

For many years he was a prominent Whig politician.

anna starkey biography

She was born in Orange county in They have always lived near Rock Stream, are members of the ChristianChurch and are persons of estimable character. At the latter place he remained 40 years, and then moved to Grand Rapids,Mich. William diedat 19 years. Theyhave always resided in Starkey. Hewas for many years a canal boat captain and is a man of good character, residingnow at Big Stream Point, a dealer in merchandise. Their children are Patrick Q. He died in ,at 28 years. Their children areRoyal, Carrie and Lizzie.

Their childrenare Maud and Glen. They had a daughter,Mary, who married Dr. He died at 28 years in They live near GrandRapids, MIch. They live in Tyrone and have a son, William. He was a zealous Methodistand one of the earliest class leaders in his vicinity. He was in all respects a good citizen and accumulated a good estate. His wife died at 72 years, inand he inat 82 years. Their children were John J. She wasborn in They resided inStarkey and she died in and he in Their children were Maria, Catharine, Eliza Ann.

Nelson died at the South of wounds received while in theservice of the Union, during the Rebellion, and Susan died at the age of 17years.

anna starkey biography

RYAL and they had a son,Charles. William married Lucy,daughter of Anthony B. Thirteen of this family grew up to adult age and had families of theirown.

anna starkey biography

The parents reared also tow oftheir grandchildren, and lived to see them all married and well settled. He had two children, Catharine and Andrew P. He lived in Starkey and died there at the age of 63 years. They moved to Rockford, Ill.

Anne Boleyn "Behind the Myths" (documentary)

Their children were Hannah, Catharine, Sarah A. The mother of thisfamily resides at Nunda, NY. Theirchildren were Charles W. Grandison lives atAddison, NY, a mechanic.

Schott isCity Marshall at Elmira. Charles isa joiner and a local Methodist preacher at Hornellsville, NY. Isaac is a carpenter at Hornellsville.

Hannah Starkey

Rebecca born inmarried Dr. She now resides at Lawrence,Kansas. Thompsonwas a soldier in the Mexican war. He was supervisor of Starkey in Their surviving children are Elizabeth, Melissa and Samuel H. Theyhave a son, Orville Y. Hewas some years a Justice of the Peace. They made that place theirhome while they lived. He was earlyappointed a Justice of the Peace, and held the office 30 years to the entiresatisfaction of the people.

As Commissioner of Highways, he and his associatesestablished many of the first roads in Starkey and Reading. He died inand his wife in Their children were John, Isaac and James B. After some years he moved to Ohio, where his wife died. He then returned to Starkey and finally removed to Woodhull, where hedied in The children by his first marriage were Richard, Arthur S.

They all reside out of the county. They reside in Woodhull. He finished his apprenticeship in ha shop conducted by his father nearhis own residence. This he moved across the road, and it forms the front of his presentresidence.

He built his presentshop, in which he put a furnace, and a horizontal wheel propelled by horsepower,to blow the bellows, by which heat was generated for melting iron. In he was the Anti-Masonic candidate for Sheriff. He was the first postmaster of Eddytown.

anna starkey biography

His first wife died in He was for someyears a prosperous farmer in Starkey, was a captain in the th Militia regiment, and a prompt and popular officer. He was Supervisor of Starkey in and was elected Sheriff of Yatescounty inholding the office one term.

He has since resided in Penn Yan and is now a member of the firm of D. He is an efficient and enterprising businessman. He died in, much lamented as a man of sterling worth. Eliza is the wife of Reuben b. They have one child. He was Under Sheriff during the official term of his brother, Daniel.

Inpolitics, religion and all social, moral and public concerns, he has been apositive and effective man, leaning uniformly to the right side, without regardto temporary expediency, or the direction of the popular breeze.

He ahs always endeavored to do with his might, whatever thecause for which he enlisted expected at his hands, and such is his boldoutspoken sincerity that he always has the respect of those who oppose him. He is one of the few early pioneers, yet remaining for whom the latergenerations can never entertain too high a degree of respect and esteem.

Theyresided in Starkey, but many years ago moved to Belvidere, Ill. They moved west and Mary alone resides in this county. There was a log school house on the north side of the road near thecorner leading west from Starkey Seminary.

This was the meeting house for all sects and preachers from far and nearfor many years. It was in this house that Mrs. HURD had a thrilling experience with ablack snake. Going out one day fora short time, she returned, took up her baby from the cradle and found a hugeblack snake, six feet in length coiled directly under the child. Nobody remembers what was done with the snake. The parties to the encounter probably parted company as soon as possible.

anna starkey biography

Westwardwas mostly, unbroken woods, and all the native wildness of the wildernessprevailed. But Eddytown grew space. The first building used expressly as a store was opened in Previous to that time the people went chiefly to Hopeton to do theirtrading. In a few years Eddytownbecame an important point, the most so of any between Geneva and Newtown, and onthe route of a daily line of stages between those points. A steamboat on Seneca Lake finally broke up the stage line. Had the owners of land at Eddytown been liberal in its disposal, thatplace would have been a large village, and Dundee, probably a small one, now.

His parentswere emigrants direct from Holland. They died there, she in and he in Their children were Addison B. He was a blacksmith andnow resides in Barrington. She died leaving three children, Harriet, Frank and Eliza A.

Their children are Liveria and Charles. Theylive in Kansas and have three children. Frank resides in Barrington. They reside at Clinton, Iowa, and have a son, William. She died leaving a daughter, Mariette, and he died in California. He is an enterprising grain buyer in Penn Yan.

anna starkey biography

Their children are Mary and Ida. Sarah is married and resides in Michigan. They reside in Barrington and their children are Ezra andEdward.

Theirchildren are George and Ida. They residein Starkey and their children are Delmer, Ida and Sarah. They live in Starkey.

Hannah Starkey

Hewas a solder of the th Regiment. Theirchildren are Clayton, John E. He was asoldier of the 14 th NY Heavy Artillery. Theyreside on lot 46 in Benton, where he is a thrifty farmer. Their children are, Charles G. Their childrenare Hattie, Adell and Emma. He wasa soldier of the 23 NYV, serving one year, and was afterwards a volunteer of the33 rd Independent Battery.

Hewas engaged in several severe battles. He died in the service at Knoxville, Tenn. Eli was four months a volunteer in the State Militia during the war. Theyreside on lot 27 in Milo, and have a son, Eugene. They reside at Ovid,Mich. They settled on this place inand there resided tillaboutwhen he exchanged it with Josiah HENRY for a farm near Bath, andremoved thereon with his family, where he died aboutat 58 years. He was a stirring wellinformed man, of approved integrity; a soldier in Capt. Barbaramarried a merchant at Bath, and resided there.

Theysettled in what is now Starkey, about They lived atEddytown some years. She was born in He waselected sheriff of Schuyler county in and held the office one term. He died a few years later. Shewas born in They moved some years later to Barrington, residing thereafter on lot He was a prominent citizen and a man of influence and good repute.

For several years he was an Associate Judge in Yates county. His wife died in and he in Cynthia, born inmarried William O. They residedsome years in that town, and moved to Steuben county where both died. Their children were Joseph, William, Samuel and Sarah. They lived 10 years in Canadice and have since resided in SunderlinHollow, where he is a prosperous farmer and a respected citizen. He inherited the homestead of his father in Barrington and resided theremany years, finally moving to Watkins where he now resides. The children by the first marriage were Phebe and Eunice.

They reside inBarrington where he died inleaving two children, Samuel and Joseph. Their children areJohn, Hannah and Eunice. She lives in Wayne, a widow. Last Night of the Proms Style Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester Jamie Cullum and the Heritage Orchestra Show all 8 episodes. Beethoven's 9th Symphony Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Lang Lang Plays Chopin Sharon Lockhart born Christine Sullivan born Luc Delahaye born Nan Goldin born Tacita Dean born Paul Graham born Dan Holdsworth born Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels.

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