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Miyan tansen biography of michael

miyan tansen biography of michael
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miyan tansen biography of michael

For a prosperous run up to Diwali, click here. This article was produced by the Scroll marketing team on behalf of Amazon. Why the Rajputs failed miserably in battle for centuries The big news: Modi announces Rs 10,crore fund for 20 universities, and nine other top stories From valuable friends to impure evil: SC ban tests industry in TN fireworks hub; workers fear job losses Photos: The made-up memoir Moonglow is on the surface a memoir of a dying man, recounting his life as a businessman, his tender love for his wife even though she was mentally fragile and needed institutionalisation, his affection for his stepdaughter whom he adored and who reciprocated lovingly in his final days, and his obsessive passion for the space mission.

In an interview with The Guardian Michael Chabon says, while discussing the art of creating a memoir: Moonglow, Michael Chabon, Fourth Estate. Shutterstock With Diwali just a few days away, is your Diwali shopping still pending?

Pop idols George Michael and Rick Parfitt exemplified two ends of a rich cultural mainstream

Gopal carried on his father's work, taking the rare old instrument to new levels of artistry during his life. This recording, completed shortly before his untimely passing, stands as a beautiful testament to an extraordinary man's all-too-short lifetime of devoted work.

Discover more about the album "Out Of Stillness". Paban's music is the soul of itinerant India, melded here with the nocturnal soul of London in a vibrant sonic confluence of the Thames and the Ganges.

Discover more about the album "Tana Tani". Shivakumar Initiated into the South Indian Carnatic musical tradition from early childhood, sarod player Sridhar and his brother, the acclaimed violinist Shivakumar, are descendants of twelve generations of virtuosic musicians.

Two music traditions co-exist in India - the North Hindustani and the South Carnatic ; both share the same basic systems but differ greatly in the instruments used, the ragas played, and the concepts of musical expression. It is quite rare for musicians to master both traditions; the brothers Sridhar and Shivakumar have done so, creating what Sridhar calls "a yoga of sound.

miyan tansen biography of michael

Legendary for his inspired lyrical beauty and his improvisational genius on the tambourine-like dubki - which he learned from Sufi fakirs in his childhood - he is the new generation of India's mystic "madman" Baul tradition. This fresh collaboration with English guitarist Sam Mills ex Skidoo - who immersed himself in Bengali songs, learned the language, and envisioned how the music of the Bauls could stretch to incorporate sounds from western pop and beats from Africa, funk and beyond - remains a gem of cross-cultural musical fusion.

Download this track Discover more about the album "Real Sugar".

miyan tansen biography of michael

Srinivas From childhood, U Srinivas was heralded as a prodigy of South Indian Carnatic music, who almost single-handedly took the mandolin -- an instrument previously nearly unknown in India -- to unique new heights of performance and a solid place in the pantheon of Indian classical repertoire. Uppalapu Srinivas was born in Palakol, Andhra Pradesh, in ; he picked up his father's mandolin at just six years of age.

Nine months after being diagnosed with cancer, England's Michael Carberry returns with a century

Often noted for their lack of variety, including in their own self-mocking referencesthey exemplified instead another, less frequently celebrated, aspect of the popular music continuum — reliability. There was almost a pantomime quality to the instant familiarity of their work.

But, like it or not, pantomime is a staple of the British entertainment pantheon. His success in doing so helped to seal the idea that crossing over between markets was a part of the pop process. To an extent, his greatest lasting effect came outside of his music, though very much dependent on it, as his candour and humour in response to revelations about his sexuality drove forward the mainstream acceptance of gay pop icons. Likewise, if his lawsuit against record label Sony was ultimately unsuccessful in court, his public battles helped to shine a light on the inequities of major label deals.

Miyan Tansen

Parfitt and Michael occupied different spaces within the mainstream, though illustrated just how wide it has become. Certainly the tragic, early passing of entertainers is nothing new.

When music hall singer Mark Sheridan took his own life init was after a period in the commercial and critical doldrums, as the popularity of music hall waned. Simon Frith — sociologist, music critic and founding chair of the Mercury Prize — has argued that popular music helps us to negotiate the relationship between our inner and public lives — that: But large swaths of the British public will have danced and sung along enthusiastically and unironically to: If the bad news is that the loss of beloved entertainers appears remorseless, the good news is that this shows how our stock of shared cultural memories is larger and richer than ever before.

This article first appeared on The Conversation. With Diwali just a few days away, is your Diwali shopping still pending? The Amazon Great Indian Festival 14thth October is your solution for last minute shopping hassles.

There are great discounts to be found through the blockbuster deals, golden hour deals and even exclusive Dhanteras offers. This is your guide for tackling that monstrous Diwali shopping list for once and for all. His biography is also unclear and many conflicting accounts exist, with some common elements.

miyan tansen biography of michael

Historical facts about Tansen are difficult to extract from the extensive and contradictory legends that surround him. According to the common elements in the various stories, Tansen's name as a child was Ramtanu.

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Tansen learnt and perfected his art in the region around Gwaliorin modern Madhya Pradesh. He began his career and spent most of his adult life in the court and patronage of the Hindu king of Gwalior, Ram Chand, where Tansen's musical abilities and studies gained him widespread fame and following.

Tansen's reputation brought him to the attention of the Mughal Emperor Akbarwho sent messengers to Ram Chand requesting Tansen to join the musicians at the Mughal court. Tansen initially refused to go, sought to retire instead into solitude, but Ram Chand encouraged him to gain wider audience, and sent him along with gifts to Akbar.

miyan tansen biography of michael

Inabout the age of sixty, Tansen still a Vaishnava musician arrived for the first time in Akbar's court. Tansen's influence was central to create the Hindustani classical ethos as we know today. A number of descendants and disciples trace him to be their lineage founder. Many gharanas schools of Hindustani classical music claim some connection to his lineage.

miyan tansen biography of michael

To these gharanasTansen is the founder of Hindustani classical music. The legendary oral versions about Tansen's early life and schooling particularly differ depending on whether the story has origins in Hindu legends Vaishnavism or Muslim legends Sufism.

According to Bonnie Wade — a professor of Music specializing in South Asia Studies, Swami Haridas is widely accepted to have been Tansen's teacher, and it is clear that Tansen connected with Muhammad Ghaus as well, but the evidence suggests that Tansen is less affiliated with either religion, more with music. Tansen showed musical talent at the age of 6.

At some point, he was discipled for some time to Swami Haridasthe legendary composer from Vrindavan and part of the stellar Gwalior court of Raja Man Singh Tomar — ADspecialising in the Dhrupad style of singing. His talent was recognised early and it was the ruler of Gwalior who conferred upon the maestro the honorific title 'Tansen'. Haridas was considered to be a legendary teacher in that time.

It is said that Tansen had no equal apart from his teacher. From Haridas, Tansen acquired not only his love for dhrupad but also his interest in compositions in the local language. This was the time when the Bhakti tradition was fomenting a shift from Sanskrit to the local idiom Brajbhasa and Hindiand Tansen's compositions also highlight this trend. At some point during his apprenticeship, Tansen's father died, and he returned home, where it is said he used to sing at a local Shiva temple.

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