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Kunstmuseum bern toulouse lautrec biography

kunstmuseum bern toulouse lautrec biography
Seit ist es im Kunstmuseum Bern ausgestellt. This is evident in the light shades of turquoise in the background, which are typical of these years. This is not only evidenced in his ingenious compositions with their cropped figures, but also his sketchy style is intrinsically linked to it:

Hannes Schmid is famous since the early s for his iconic staging of the Marlboro cowboys and innovative fashion shots. Das Kunstmuseum Bern und die Credit Suisse haben am In the first half ofthe space for presenting our collection will be reduced.

The exhibition will investigate the artistic confrontation between Johannes Itten and Paul Klee on the subject of color.

In the process the show will explore related aspects such as color and esoteric notions, aura and harmony of color, color and abstraction, color and nature, and color division. Lischetti — lebte seit in Bern und war Vieles gleichzeitig: At the same time, the show will scrutinize the role of contemporary surrealism.

kunstmuseum bern toulouse lautrec biography

In it we plan to give a concentrated overview of his art with works from the collection representing various phases in the artist's creative development. Antonio Saura counts as one of the key artists of the 20th century and is one of the leading champions of Spanish painting in his times.

kunstmuseum bern toulouse lautrec biography

We find his work presented in most prominent collections of modern art all over the world. In collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery, London, the Kunstmuseum Bern is presenting the first retrospective on Zarina Bhimji, British photographer, filmmaker, and installation artist. Voicing criticism of her times with a gentle lyricism, Bhimji promotes confrontation with the difficult social issues of migration, globalization, and post-colonial history in her work.

The exhibition is a joint production of the Kunstmuseum Bern and Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, and was planned in close collaboration with the artist himself. As a large-scale project for the centennial anniversary of the Swiss-based international Holcim group, portrait photographer Marco Grob and photographers David Hiepler and Fritz Brunier took pictures of employees and production plants around the World.

This laid the foundations for realizing a truly unique artistic investigation. The exhibition will show photographic works of outstanding quality while also documenting how professional commercial photography developed into fine art photography. The collection comprises works by 46 artists from the period dating from to The museum will be showing pictures by famous Russian nonconformist artists as well as works that were executed after The Kunstmuseum Bern is presenting the largest monographic exhibition of works by Berlinde De Bruyckere b.

The Flemish artist creates deceptively real sculptures and touching drawings of human bodies suffering. The presentation brings them into a dialogue with the works of the German Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach and the Italian film maker Pier Paolo Pasolini. His works embrace many different styles, ranging from Dada through constructivism to virtually surrealist artistic statements.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Hermann and Margrit Rupf laid the foundations for a collection now seen as one of the leading of its kind for European modern art. Not only the vast number of high-profile artworks makes this collection remarkable but also the fact that Hermann Rupf acquired the majority of them in the same year they were executed.

Because a foundation was established in the Kunstmuseum Bern in the s, the collection is open to the public and, right up to the present, being constantly enlarged. From Picasso to Judd — Rupf Foundation Acquisitions will, for the first time, give a comprehensive view of the acquisitions accumulated by the foundation since it was established. Cuno Amiet died on July 6,aged 93 on the Oschwand in the canton of Bern after having lived an eventful life. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this versatile artist the Kunstmuseum Bern will provide insights into one of the leading collections of Amiet's work, that is, into Eduard Gerber's private collection.

Besides showing the private collection of this connoisseur, the exhibition comprises works from the Kunstmuseum Bern collection as well. In the first half of the 20th century, Victor Surbek was among the leading Bernese artists who succeeded Ferdinand Hodler. While the Kunstmuseum Bern focuses on his landscapes and urban panoramas, the Kunsthaus Langenthal shows — besides landscapes depicting rivers — gouaches of working life as well as portraits of friends and acquaintances from the art scene. Wo wohnt Frau Eliana M? The Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung presented artworks from the Kunstmuseum Bern collection titled This exhibition will be open to the public also in the Kunstmuseum Bern under the title of Back from Munich from April 1 to June 26, Pablo Picasso continually and intensely experimented with the many very different methods of printing, producing masterly results that demonstrate his great facility.

Now the Kunstmuseum Bern gives insight into the rich collection of Georges Bloch. The media - nationally and internationally - was enthusiastic about the show, and, with over 40, visitors, it was an overwhelming success. The show presented a broad panorama of Chinese contemporary art as a lucid introduction to this segment of the art world, which hitherto had been relatively unknown in Switzerland.

Initiated inthe exhibition series "Chinese Windows" enables further collaboration with Uli and Rita Sigg, giving spectators the opportunity of regularly viewing these collectors' extensive collection. The Kunstmuseum Bern and the Zentrum Paul Klee devote a comprehensive exhibition to the seven deadly sins, targeting a fitting documentation of artistic preoccupation with this theme from medieval times to the present.

The exhibition also addresses the relevance of the notion of sin in contemporary society and how our culture justifies changes in values. The Kunstmuseum Bern has a manifold conglomeration of Vaclav Pozarek's works at its disposal.

This artist emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Switzerland inwhere he has since lived in Bern. On the occasion of his 70th birthday, a small selection of works giving insight into his art will be put on show. Such exhibitions are to take place annually.

Gemälde & Skulpturen

The exhibits comprise artworks belonging to the foundations and museums as well as permanent loans. It will begin with festivities in Ins, and the Swiss Post will issue a special stamp as well as Swissmint a gold coin. The Kunstmuseum Bern presents an imposing and large exhibition representative of the multi-facetted oeuvre of this artist who was pivotal to Swiss art. Not only were his delightful portraits among the very first artworks that she saw as a child, but she also greatly admires the painterly ingenuity of his still lifes.

The Kunstmuseum Bern will continue the presentations of its collection of old prints following the exhibition of graphic works by the Carracci in and Hendrick Goltzius in In the spring ofthe Kunstmuseum Bern will be totally under the ascendancy of the London painter and draftsman Edward Burne-Jones This leading protagonist of late Victorian art — a hitherto largely neglected epoch on the European continent — will be presented in Switzerland for the first time in a large-scale monographic exhibition.

Organized in collaboration with the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and its collection of major Pre-Raphaelite works, the show will bring together around one hundred paintings and drawings, furniture and glass windows of this fascinating master of English Symbolism. The Bernese artist Tomas Kratkyduring his all too brief life, managed to leave an impressive oeuvre behind.

It is regarded as a significant contribution to figurative painting of the s. This retrospective exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Bern surveys the artist's fifty-year-career by means of about one hundred works - large groups of paintings and drawings, sculptures and prints - which Iseli produced in his studio in Berne and in St.

Subsequent to the "Mahjong" exhibitionefforts were made to organize an artists' exchange with China. As ofwith the help of the Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei an apartment-studio was set up in Beijing and made available for six months at a time to young Swiss artists.

This group exhibition presents the artistic fruits of their exciting experiences, and also includes works by the artist Ana Roldan, who trained in Berne, is resident in Zurich and lived in the studio of the City of Zurich in Kunming for six months in This artist produced paintings that emanate a powerful coloristic force. Around a hundred works of outstanding quality were carefully selected for the exhibition, revealing his brilliant artistic stature.

Although the collection of 19th- and early 20th-century drawings and watercolors by international artists in the Kunstmuseum Bern is not large, it is of exceptionally high quality. Giovanni Francesco Barbieriwho came from Cento near Bologna and was called "Il Guercino" by his contemporaries because of his squint, is one of the most important artists of the Italian Baroque era. In the course of his career as an artist, Guercino moved from a dramatic early oeuvre in which a striking chiaroscuro prevailed to the classically serene style of his mature period.

His art is therefore a unique combination of the two poles between which Baroque painting in Italy hovered. Das Bildder Schweiz in der Kunst des Jahrhunderts steht im Mittelpunkt. Following the Carracci exhibition in summerthe Kunstmuseum Bern is continuing the revision and presentation of its stocks of old prints with the oeuvre of the Dutch artist Hendrick Goltzius He has taken up an independent position in contemporary art which he gained him numerous scholarships and awards.

Ricco Wassmer is no longer an unknown in Berne. Seven years ago an extensive retrospective exhibition at the Kunstmuseum provided the opportunity to become acquainted with the idealising dream worlds of this almost forgotten outsider, whose work can be located beyond the avant-garde.

kunstmuseum bern toulouse lautrec biography

In addition to these, she continually produces autonomous works on paper which make up a group of their own. Tracey Emin born in belongs to the group of successful contemporary British artists.

Becoming known in the field of Young British Artists YBAshe gained a degree of notoriety with her uncompromising personal works in which she thematized her sexual past, her lack of schooling as well as her affinity with drugs. Twelve years after the death of Wilfrid Moser - his work is being presented in a retrospective thereby emphasizing his contemporary relevance. The exhibition will be showing works from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Bern and from private collections as well as some works created expressly for the exhibition by young Swiss and international artists.

On the occasion of the th birthday of the Bernese artist Emil Zbinden, this retrospective will offer the opportunity to rediscover his work with its socially aware commentary on contemporary issues. The Kunstmuseum Bern is now devoting a large survey exhibition to this artist.

She feels that the ultimate achievement of her paintings would be the experience that theycould cause to the viewer. The exhibition has been installed together with the artist and is a collaborationwith the Menil Collection in Houston. Zu sehen sind Highlights aus der Sammlung, aber auch viele selten gezeigte Werke. The Museum of Fine Arts Bern presents one of the most important and extensive Hodler exhibitions with over masterpieces of all the artist's periods.

Rudolf Mumprecht, painter and etcher, was born in Basel and grew up in Berne. The Kunstmuseum Bern honors Mumprecht on occaison of his The Morgenthaler Collection is of international importance. They were collected by the Bernese psychiatrist Walter Morgenthaler who was assistant medical director in the Waldau clinic from to The Mondstudio Collection has an international reputation as one of the most important collections of contemporary painting. Without following fashionable trends, it collects painting styles from the middle of the 20th century until the present. We were permitted to select these from her estate after her death in Together with the works bought for the first exhibition inwe are now showing these important new acquisitions as a posthumous homage to the Bernese artist.

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On the occasion of Egbert Moehsnang's 80th birthday the Museum of Fine Arts Bern is presenting a selection of his newest works which have never before been exhibited. Unlike Western modernisms of the 20th century that rejected the narrative in favour of the self-reflective artwork, India has had a strong tradition of figurative, narrative painting that goes back several decades.

kunstmuseum bern toulouse lautrec biography

On the occasion of his 75th birthday, the Kunstmuseum Bern is presenting a small homage to Werner Otto Leuenberger born December 21,in the series "Passage". The 2nd of September,marks the th birthday of Karl Stauffer-Bern. He came to public notice mainly due to the scandalous speculation surrounding his affair with Lydia Welti-Escher, daughter of the Gotthard magnate Alfred Escher. The events, the details of which are still not completely clear today and which were the subject of many books and articles, still overshadow Stauffer-Bern's deserved recognition as a significant artist and excellent portrait painter of the 19th century.

Buveuse assoupie

Who has not seen them, these photographs of country people at work and while celebrating, of demonstrating workers, of the persecuted and the afflicted, of the deprived and the marginal, these "Senn pictures", pictures of people in war and crisis that have become legendary? The direct expression and unadorned manner of composition have made Paul Senn's photographs icons of Swiss life.

Ueli Berger born in in Bern represents one of the abiding values in Swiss art. Since the s, he has been present in the most diverse locales with his installations and extremely thought-provoking happenings in public places. Iron sculptures, music, drawings, photography, film: Sensuality in all genres.

Oscar Wiggli is one of the leading artists of his generation. His contribution to metal sculpture, commencing in the s, is of international significance.

Women in Kunstmuseum Bern: A Glimpse To The Collection

Within the framework of the "Chinese Window", that is, the presentation of some important aspects of the Sigg Collection following on from the very successful exhibition Mahjong inwe will be showing two parallel solo exhibitions from two important painters of the middle generation.

This museum will also be hosting the large Ferdinand Hodler exhibition which is being prepared for The Museum of Fine Arts Bern has been following the work of Louise Bourgeois for fifteen years in the form of exhibitions and regular purchases of her works. No one was more surprised than Gao himself when he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in the year for his complete works. Violence and death are omnipresent in the media, yet our society avoids directcontact with dead people. The corpse has been definitively removed from ourfield of vision and replaced by a new system of rituals and symbols intended tohelp us deal with the finiteness of human existence.

The skull, for example, hasbeen transformed from a subcultural emblem to a chic mainstream fashion accessory;the American television production Six Feet Under featuring the family Fisher and their funeral parlour in Pasadena has become a very popular cult series, also in Europe; or Corpse Bride by Tim Burton reveals a truly amusing life after death. The popularity of the picture book illustrator still doggedly disguises the fact that Ernst Kreidolf was first and foremost a painter and graphic artist and always regarded himself as such.

On the occasion of the th birthday of Werner Witschi born June 10,in Urtenen — died December 24,in Bolligenthe Museum of Fine Arts Bern is showing a selection of paintings and sculptures by Werner Witschi from its collection. The American artist Suzan Frecon born is known primarily as a painter.

kunstmuseum bern toulouse lautrec biography

However, her graphic work, consisting mainly of watercolours, represents much more than mere preparation for her oil paintings. Meret Oppenheimonce scandalous muse, mysterious model and eternal myth of the surrealists, was one of the most unconventional and far-sighted artists whose creative oeuvre — painting, sculpture, poetry, drawings and design objects — represents an extremely significant contribution to the art of the 20th century.

The way he questions reality without offering answers but beckoning instead towards discoveries and irritants is stimulating, and appropriate to the respective context. Therefore nothing has changed with regard to his intention and hope of being able to show what is everyday, apparently recognized and well-known in a new, subversive light in order to awaken new processes of perception and thought. The staircase of the museum shows itself in a new perceptual dimension, buoyant and full of movement.

kunstmuseum bern toulouse lautrec biography

It offers a comprehensive overview of the print works created in the last ten years. The very successful exhibition "Mahjong. As of this year, Uli and Rita Sigg are making further works from their collection available for an annual" Window on China" in the museum.

The exhibition will be shown from November 13,to March 12,in both museums. Uli Sigg has been following the evolution of contemporary Chinese art from its beginnings in and, together with his wife Rita, has been the first to collect Chinese contemporary art in a systematic way since the s. About us Media Blog. This is a short selection of our favorite paintings from Kunstmuseum Bern presenting women — enjoy! The stylized representation avoids detail and any other objects that would reveal more about the woman.

The painting is a late nude that was completed in Southern France, little less than two years before the premature death of the artist. This is evident in the light shades of turquoise in the background, which are typical of these years. In earlier works, Modigliani predominantly used dark shades of red for his backgrounds. Felix Vallotton is one of my favourite artists, here find out why. She is absorbed in reading a book.

Henry De Toulouse-Lautrec Biography from Goodbye-Art Academy

The scene may appear austere and aloof at first glance, but it is not. Even though the woman is composed and has not really made herself comfortable, the picture allows the observer a view into her private life and that was very typical for Vallotton. The handkerchief in her hand shows that she is moved by what she is reading. Maybe the book is a romantic novel that provides a stark contrast to her own life.

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