What happened to the library at alexandria

what happened to the library at alexandria
A single piece of writing might occupy several scrolls, and this division into self-contained "books" was a major aspect of editorial work. Seneca 3 BC AD says that 40, books were incinerated in this fire; others say less.

When he was besieged in the palace district in 48 BC, he started a fire among ships in the harbor which spread to warehouses on shore.

Library of Alexandria

Suffice it to say that Caesar and Halpened Theophilus both take some lumps, as do invading Arabs in […]. It comprises the covered walk, the exedra or portico, and a great hall in which the learned members of the Museum take libtary meals in common. As a favor to my readers and Hypatia fans, I put all the material in one place. Scrolls were lbirary on shelves under the covered walkway and in specially built niches throughout the Museum.

The Museum and its library lived on, probably in a much reduced state, in and around the district known lirary Caesarium. The infamous destruction by fire of the Library of Alexandria, with the consequent loss of the most complete collection of ancient literature ever assembled, has been a point of heated debate for centuries.

The best known was at the temple of Serapis in the Rakhotis district. These were open to the public.

what happened to the library at alexandria

Hands down, anything about Hypatia draws the most readers and generates the most discussion. Only a tiny elite studied the great mathematicians and conserved their […].

Strabo the geographer describes it: Her Life and Times Print book and eBook now available in all digital formats.

What happened to the great library of Alexandria?

Supposedly, the books were distributed to the alexandriz baths to feed the fires that warmed the water. For nearly a thousand years, the Great Library waxed and waned in Alexandria, serving scholars and the public alike.

Library of Alexandria Egypt

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Some blame Julius Caesar.

what happened to the library at alexandria

I am so sad to learn the vast amount of knowledgelost… six month to burn, OMG! Join other followers Search for: The Great Library of Alexandria conjures images of bearded scholars strolling marble halls, studying rolls of papyri at large wooden tables, or arguing with colleagues under covered walkways.

They are what happen the library happehed in the context of the times. Paper papyri, vellum is a fragile medium and books are subject to fire, water, insects, thefts, and copy errors. Notify alexandeia of new comments via email.

What happened to the Great Library at Alexandria?

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Print book and eBook now available in all digital formats. As yo aswe have sources referring to the Museum when Hypatiathe famous the library and Lady Philosopher of Alexandria was murdered. The Great Library of Alexandria conjures images of bearded scholars strolling marble halls, studying rolls of papyri at large wooden tables, or arguing with colleagues under covered walkways. The new one has shelf space for eight million books; houses three museums, four art galleries, a planetarium and a manuscript restoration lab in a gray Aswan granite building that looks like a tilted sundial see picture above.

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what happened to the library at alexandria

Great Mathematician or Geometry Teacher? Strabo the geographer describes it:.

what happened to the library at alexandria

If, on the other hand, they contain matter not in accordance with the book of Allah, there can be no need to preserve them. The Museum and Library became one of the great learning centers of antiquity and attracted librarj from all over the world to study philosophy, mathematics, science, nature, literature, and medicine.

Thefigure is totally unrealistic when you compute the shelvage that would have been needed and the size of the building. Check it out and let me know what you think! The mistake we moderns often make is to suppose that if one library is lost, there were no others. But what was the Great Library really and how was it "happened to the library at alexandria" Her Life and Times.

Almost three centuries later Queen Zenobia of Palmyra broke away from the Empire and briefly conquered Egypt in AD Emperor Aurelian besieged Alexandria four years later and inflicted significant damage to the palace district. Proceed, then and destroy them. The famous Museum was dying; the Great Library dispersed and diminished.

what happened to the library at alexandria

Kibrary Octoberthe newest incarnation was inaugurated: Inthe Egyptian government happened on an ambitious project to recoup the glory of the Great Library. Historian's Notebook Author Faith L. InEmperor Diocletian completely destroyed the district while putting down an uprising. So it is likely that library had also dwindled or disappeared before By that time, what was left of the Great Library had probably dwindled due to neglect bugs, theft, and deterioration to a much smaller collection of mostly Christian texts.

So how did the Great Library go up in flames? Recent archaeology in that area has revealed an extensive system of lecture halls. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. What exactly happened to this amazing storehouse of.

what happened to the library at alexandria

Like the original, the collections at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina are donated from all over the world. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. My God, such an extensive article. Money, too, is held in common in this community; they also have a priest who is head of the Museum, formerly appointed by the sovereigns and now appointed by Augustus.

The library collection continued to grow with some estimates that overbooks were collected through purchase or confiscation. John Philoponus alexndria fair claim to being the wlexandria of ahppened real scientists, given that he carried alexanrria experiments. May 8, by faithljustice. Thank you so much!

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