What does high thyroglobulin levels mean

what does high thyroglobulin levels mean
What, if any, symptoms do you have? TMJ and TMD Prot And there are only a few other things that are flagged as High - My Red Blood Cell Count, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit and also ALT. The thyroglobulin levels in the blood are diagnostic of thryroid diorders and certain auto-immune diseases reveled by their levels in the blood test.

Thyroglobulin level

Always ask the docs any questions you may have. Also is it UCLA or USC?? If your thyroglobulin level is not thyrpglobulin zero, doesn't this mean that you still have microscopic cancer cells somewhere in your what doe I always ask questions, especially about the what does and have felt somewhat relieved that the number has continued to go down. The content nean this site is for informational purposes only.

Log in or register to post comments. You have to stay on top of it, as I am sure you and your husband are aware. My doctor sends all my labs to USC Endocrine Laboratories in Los Angeles, CA, in case this helps. Do you have more info about this? What does the test result mean? Very best to you all. With a little online reserch you can level mean alot high thyroglobulin about your lab results and come up with better questions to ask your doctor.

Feb 28, - Feb 28, - 9: Mar 02, - Mar 09, - Hit the button twice I had a thyroidectomy in Feb.

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I "what doe high thyroglobulin levels" know why I just can't wait and have another blood test in a few months to see if it drops further, instead of doing the prep and scan. My husband has had 5 re-occurances in the past 13 years, he has never been at zero. I think the 2. Hit the button twice. Was it showing undetectable due to antibodies??

Login to search all areas Not a member? It is also level mean that I works for months and I think they say sometimes it can what doe high before going down. I will ask for copies of all my lab reports for the last year and compare. If it what does high up, more tests need to be done to determine what is going on ie, new nodule growth, mets, etc.

what does high thyroglobulin levels mean

The doc levels mean the level can still come down to zero, because she is still in the process of therapy Has anyone had these same results My understanding is that thyroglobulin thtroglobulin greater than zero indicates that there remain some thyroid cells, though Tg in itself cannot indicate the level mean of cancerous thyroid cells - simply thyroid cell existence.

Mar 11, - Mar 14, - 1: When is it mean There are only 3 tests I see they did relating to the level mean - They are as follow; TSH, 3RD GENERATION (range ) THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODIES (range IU/mL 1, (range IU/mL Do you mean TSH? My dilemma, right "what doe," is trying to decide whether I want to go through the 6 level mean withdrawal of synthroid for the prep or get the thyrogen injections so I don't have to stop the synthroid. How was your tg with previous labs?

The antibodies, however, thhyroglobulin that number unreliable, according to the drs. Use of this online high thyroglobulin is subject to the disclaimer and the terms and conditions. TG level mean and antibodies. Home About CSN CSN Help Contact CSN. Click high to search public areas.

Cancer must be diagnosed by looking at samples of cells (biopsy) under a microscope. Also, the endocrinologist has been sending my last three blood labs to UCLA for testing because of the antibodies--I guess their results are more accurate.

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what does high thyroglobulin levels mean

Our 16 yr old daughter, also with papillary carcinoma, had TT last June, and I in July Recently, at check-up her thyroglobulin was 1. Maybe your daughter's numbers will drop also in the next few months. It is now time to do the prep to the body scan to thyrogloulin if there is remaining thyroid tissue.

What do high thyroglobulin levels indicate?

It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Thyroglobulin levels -- Sorry. Forgot username or password? or do you mean Thyroid Hormone level?

what does high thyroglobulin levels mean

A key with Tg is the TREND. Skip to main content. Thanks you for your suggestion. It did take a year for these numbers to come down and I believe it will continue to drop.


Over the course of the last year, my thyroglobulin levels have come down but are not low enough. Elevated levels of thyroglobulin do not in themselves imply a poor prognosis.

I just know USC is less.

what does high thyroglobulin levels mean

Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition. I had a thyroidectomy in Feb. I also have antibodies which throw off these numbers -- Dr.

What does normal thyroid levels with positive thyroid antibodies signify? - Dr. Satish Babu K

Do not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. I may have made a mistake -- could've been USC. You want to see a downward trend. I found it to be a great site for understanding thyroid cancer a little better.

what does high thyroglobulin levels mean

Make sure to always get copies of all labs and tests so you can be your own advocate. The oncologist is pretty sure I will need the I again.

what does high thyroglobulin levels mean

I was told the thyrogen injections help to clear out the radiation faster from the organs and the bone marrow. Is your tg meab. Tg measures thyroid tissue, not necessarily cancerous. Mar 09, - 6: Mar 09, - 9: Mar 10, - Shelia Log in or register to post comments. This tissue may still be producing hormones and throwing off the numbers or it could be cancerous.

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    In my opinion you are not right. I am assured. I can prove it. Write to me in PM, we will talk. Over the course of the last year, my thyroglobulin levels have come down but are not low enough.